History: Chapter 13 Lessons 1-2

Where was the Oregon Country located?
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What were fur merchants known as and who did they trade with?Mountain Men, Native AmericansWhat caused the fur industry to decrease in Oregon Country?over-trapping and changes in fashionWho were Jim Bridger and Kit Carson?mountain men who guided people to the westWhat was the most popular route the mountain men carved out?the Oregon TrailWhich of the following was not a trail to the west? A. the Oregon Trail B. the California Trail C. the Nevada Trail D. the Santa Fe TrailCWhat drew people to the West?Economic problems in the East and fertile land in the WestWho were Marcus and Narcissa Whitman?Missionaries who traveled to Oregon to convert the Indians. Narcissa was the first white woman on the Oregon Trail.What was the name of the Native American tribe in the West and where did they live?Cayuse, Walla Walla WashingtonWhy were the Cayuse people mad at the Whitmans?they spread the measlesWhat were the people who left the US to go to Oregon called?emigrantsWhat were prairie schooners?white covered wagonsWhat was the nation's mission in the 1800s?to spread across the whole continentWho wrote about America's "Manifest Destiny?"John O'SullivanWhat was "Fifty Four Forty or Fight?"The election slogan of James K. Polk, which referred to the line of latitude they believed Oregon's northern border should be.Who did James K. Polk defeat in the 1844 election?Henry ClayWhere was the northern border for Oregon eventually set?At the 49 degree latitude lineWhen was Florida transferred to the US?July 17, 1821What was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?created the process for territories to become states, and no states northwest of the Ohio River could have slaveryTrue or False: Florida could vote in Congress after the Northwest Ordinace.falseWhat is the capital of Florida?TallahasseeWhy is Florida's capital Tallahassee?It's right between Pensacola and St. AugustineTrue or False: Many people lived in territorial Florida.falseWhy did many people come to Florida?fertile soilWhat were Florida's two main crops?cotton and tobaccoWhat was the name for Northwest Florida?the PanhandleTrue or False: Half of Florida's population were enslaved peopletrueWho could vote for Florida to become a state or not?white men over 21How many people went to Florida's constitutional convention?56who signed the florida statehood bill?President John TylerWho became a free state when Florida became a slave state?IowaWhat is another name for the coast of Florida?the emerald coastFlorida became the _____ state of the US on March 3, 1845.27In 1812, Mexico gained independence from ___________.SpainWhat were Mexicans who lived in Texas called?TejanosWhich leader in Texas brought 300 American families to the state?Stephen F. AustinWhat is a decree?an official orderWhat did Texas decree in 1830?to close the border to further immigrationWhat Mexican general fought in Texas?Santa AnnaWhere were the Texans barricaded?the Alamo in San AntonioWho were the three main Texan leaders who died in the Battle of the Alamo?Crockett, Travis, and BowieHow long was the battle of the Alamo?13 daysWhat phrase was created from the battle of the Alamo?"Remember the Alamo!"Who was the commander in chief and eventually president of the Texans?Sam HoustonWho was the vice president of Texas?Mirabeau B. LamarWhat does annex mean?to take overWhy did Andrew Jackson refuse Texas to become a state?There were too many slave states