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  1. bond that involves the sharing of electrons
  2. molecules are _______
  3. valence electron
  4. metal and nonmetal bond
  5. bond that makes salts
  1. a electron in the outermost shell
  2. b neutral
  3. c covalent
  4. d ionic bond
  5. e ionic

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  1. because of the strong attraction
  2. the electrons are jumping from atom to atom and the properties go with them
  3. nonmetals
  4. when an atom gains or loses one or more electrons
  5. brittleness and high melting/boiling pointing

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  1. bond that involves the transfer of electronsionic


  2. the key to bondingthe joining of atoms to form new substances


  3. ionan interaction that holds two atoms together


  4. bond that involves electrons moving throughout a materialmetallic bond


  5. nonmetals and nonmetals bondcovalent bond