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  1. why atoms bond
  2. how an ion is formed
  3. the simplest kind of molecules
  4. molecules are _______
  5. ion
  1. a neutral
  2. b when an atom gains or loses one or more electrons
  3. c diatomic
  4. d they want to become octates
  5. e a charged particle

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  1. nonmetals - you need a large amount of energy
  2. an interaction that holds two atoms together
  3. ionic bond
  4. metallic bond
  5. valence electrons

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  1. type of elements that are more likely to lose electronsnonmetals


  2. why metallic bonding allows metals to have the properties they dothe electrons are jumping from atom to atom and the properties go with them


  3. how to determine the number of valence electrons in an elementpositive


  4. bond that involves the transfer of electronscovalent


  5. elements that are easy to remove electrons fromnonmetals - you need a large amount of energy