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  1. bond that makes molecules
  2. why metallic bonding allows metals to have the properties they do
  3. metal to metal bond
  4. charge left when electrons are lost
  5. molecules are _______
  1. a the electrons are jumping from atom to atom and the properties go with them
  2. b metallic
  3. c neutral
  4. d covalent
  5. e positive

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  1. covalent
  2. because of the strong attraction
  3. covalent bond
  4. hydrogen and helium
  5. diatomic

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  1. elements that are tough to remove electrons frommetals - you don't need a large amount of energy


  2. makes up matterelectron in the outermost shell


  3. how an ion is formedthey want to become octates


  4. chemical bondthe joining of atoms to form new substances


  5. why atoms bondthey want to become octates