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  1. bond that makes molecules
  2. elements that are easy to remove electrons from
  3. ion
  4. chemical bonding
  5. how an ion is formed
  1. a metals - you don't need a large amount of energy
  2. b covalent
  3. c the joining of atoms to form new substances
  4. d a charged particle
  5. e when an atom gains or loses one or more electrons

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  1. negative
  2. an interaction that holds two atoms together
  3. look at the number of electrons in the outer shell
  4. nonmetals
  5. covalent

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  1. metal to metal bondmetallic


  2. bond that involves the transfer of electronsionic


  3. valence electroncompounds


  4. the simplest kind of moleculesdiatomic


  5. makes up mattercompounds