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Milady's Standard Cosmetology

In the cosmetology industry, understanding people is key to:

customer service

If a client scheduling conflict arises,

never argue about who is correct

To offer the latest styles and beauty trends, it is important for the practitioner to:

read books and articles on fashion

To help people feel secure around you, be respectful, honest, and:


When handling an unhappy client, the ultimate goal is to:

make the client happy enough to pay for the service and return

A photographic collection of previous services is a:


The best customer-service approach with an aggressive client is:

agree with the client

The best way to resolve problems with colleagues is:

to speak directly and privately

Mastering reflective listening skills helps you to be on target with services and build:

deep trust with your clients

Effectively sharing information between two or more people is:


During an employee evaluation be prepared to participate proactively by:

communicating your desires and interests to your employer

To help clients achieve a new look they desire, you may suggest:

additional services

The form used to record detailed information on new clients and service clients is called a(n):

client questionnaire

After a service, important and relevant information should be recorded on the:

client record card

The most important verbal communication between a practitioner and client is the:

client consultation

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