Doce Hombres Furioso

Criminal Trial
When the government accuses someone of breaking the law by committing a crime
Civil Trial
When one person or group of people sue another for personal injury
Defensive Attorney
When the defendant is represented by a lawyer who raises doubts on the clients guilt
Prosecuting Attorney
The prosecution must provide proof that the defendant is guilty
A public official who oversees a court of law
A group of 12 individuals chosen at random who decide if the defendant is guilt or not guilty
Due process
The action of treating all people equally with the law
Innocent until proven guilty
Defendant is innocent until the prosecutor is able to show proof of his guilt.
Burden of proof
Prosecutor has to prove the guilt of the defendant. Defendant is NOT required to prove their innocence.
Reasonable doubt
The level of certainty a juror must have about whether the defendant committed a crime OR to order a guilty verdict
Beyond reasonable doubt
Proof that leaves a person firmly convinced on the defendants guilt.
Preponderance of evidence
The accuser must present believable evidence that their own facts more likely occured than the defendants
Found not guilty
Punishment for the crime, judge decides