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Which of the following is a common requirement of a PhD across different schools and/or countries?
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In developmental psychology, there is an increasing interest in researching cognitive changes that occur later in life. Why?Populations of developed nations are living longer.Which of the following is a criticism of structuralism?The process was highly subjective.A series of dots arranged in the shape of a face will be perceived as a face, not a series of dots. A psychologist studying this phenomenon is applying the principals of ________.Gestalt psychologyWhich of the following choices refers to a broad explanation or group of explanations for some aspect of the natural world that is consistently supported by evidence over time?scientific theoryWhich of the following is an example of research someone might conduct in the area of health psychology?whether people working at a desk are more likely to be obeseThe empirical method of study is based on ________.observation of phenomena.Psychology refers to the of the mind and behavior.Which individual wrote Principles of Physiological Psychology and is credited with establishing a scientific laboratory of Psychology at the University of Leipzig?Wilhelm WundtWhich of the following is an example of an objective measure used by functionalists?examination of anatomy and physiologyWhich perspective within psychology emphasizes the potential for good that is innate to all people?HumanismAPA stands for ____.American Psychological Association________ assesses the consistency of observations by different observers.Inter-rater reliabilityA group of preschool-age children are enrolled in a study that plans to follow them over time in order to assess behaviors and other characteristics that may predict later development of schizophrenia. This is an example of a(n) ________ design.longitudinalPsychological knowledge is advanced through a process known as ________, which involves a prescribed series of steps designed to achieve the desired knowledge.the scientific methodThe ________ effect occurs when a person's expectations or beliefs influence or determine their experience in a given situation.placeboThe belief that strange behavior is linked to the occurrence of a full moon is an example of a(n) ________.illusory correlationA(n) ________ is conducted in order to determine whether there are meaningful differences between two groups in a study.statistical analysis________ is/are often conducted with large numbers of participants and can even be conducted by phone, email, or mail.surveysA group of researchers investigated the effects of two vocabulary learning strategies on word retention two weeks later. In this example, learning strategy is the ________ variable and word retention is the ________ variable.independent; dependentWhich of the following research designs will allow cause-and-effect conclusions?experimentalA negative correlation means variable decreases as the other increasesWhich word is the most appropriate synonym for the term validity?accuracy________ are the most commonly used species for animal researchrodentsStudies that cannot ethically be conducted as experiments with typical human participants ________.can sometimes be tested with animal studies________ is a reduction in the number of research participants as some drop out of the study over time.attritionStan and Jenny are in a psychology course that requires them to repeat an experiment that researchers have conducted in the past, in order to determine whether they produce the same results. This is called ________.replicationDr. Mattar is interested in knowing more about brain injury to the occipital cortex, and he studies patients individually in order to gain in-depth knowledge about their behaviors. These studies would best be described as studiesIn a ________ study, both the researchers and the participants are unaware of the group assignmentsdouble-blindProfessor Devine and her colleagues are interested in assessing whether active versus passive play causes a preference for sweet or salty foods in toddlers. They assign groups of children to either an active play, passive play, or no play group and record their food choices when presented with a variety of sweet and salty foods. In this study, ________ is the independent variable and ________ is the control group.type of play; no play