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Ava History Hippocrates Quiz 11.3.11

Hippocrates was also known as
The Father of Medicine
Hippocrates =
1st great doctor known in history
Hippocrates discovered that each part of the body
had a unique function or job. In order to treat a sickness, the body part that wasnt working needed to be treated.
Hippocrates used _______ to treat illness
herbs in nature (like medicine)
What is Hippocrates most famous for?
The "Hippocatic Oath"
Hippocratic Oath =
promise by doctors to try their best to heal patients, hurt no one, not to provide abortions, and to keep illness private
Alexander is also known as
Alexander the Great
Who was Alexander's father?
King Philip of Macedonia
Who finally conquered Greece?
King Philip of Macedonia. Macedonia is north of Greece
What plan did Alexander take over from his father?
to unite Macedonia and Greece against Persia
Was Alexander able to defeat the Persians?
What other countires did Alexander defeat?
Egypt, Babylon, and some parts of India
WHat was the name of the city that Alexander founded and where was it?
Alexandria in Egypt
What was Alexander's vision of his new founded city?
to be the center of learning. The library in Alexandria had the greatest collection of books and scrolls
What happened to Alexander's empire after he died?
it collapsed, but, the greek culture, language, dress, and philosophy were spread throughout.
Who was the best known scientist of Alexandria?
What scientific theories were created in Alexandria?
the distance btwn the Earth and Moon
the way to measure volume
Which scientist created a map of heaven?
Which civilization was heavily influenced and shaped by ancient Greek culture?
Our Western civilization