17 terms


birth control by the use of devices or drugs or surgery
100, not having sex
birth control pill
92-99, mechanical, a pill used to prevent pregnancy
99, chemical, insertion on upper arm to prevent pregnancy
97-99, chemicals put into body to prevent pregnancy
contraceptive patch
99, mechanical, patch put on body with chemicals to prevent preg
vaginal ring
99, chemical, ring placed inside vagina that prevents sperm from reaching egg
intrauterine device
98, chemical, t or copper t, inside vag
male condom
85-98, mechanical, latex placed over penis
female condom
79-95, mechanical, latex "cap" placed inside vagina
diaphragm or cervical cap
84-91, mechanical, inserted in vagina
71-85, chemical, kills sperm
withdrawal/coitus interuptus
effectiveness varies, pull out of sex before orgasm
fertility awareness methods
75-99, have sex based on calendar which shows when it is safe and when its not
no method
15, use nothing
vasectomy or tubal ligation
99, surgical prevention
emergency contraception
effectiveness varies, Use of high-dose contraceptives after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy