Properties of log

log formula for conversion
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logb1=0logbb=1logbb^x=xb^logbx=xchange the base formulaln x/ln bVA or HA logVAVA x= or y=x=negative beside log means whatreflection over x-axisnegative besides x in parenthesis means whatreflection over y-axisleading coefficient beside log means whatn>1: vertical stretch 0<n<1: vertical compressioncoefficient in front of x in parenthesis means whatn>1: horizontal compression 0<n<1: horizontal stretchhow to find vertical asymptoteit is in the parenthesishow to find y-interceptplug in 0 for xwhat is range for log equationsall real numbershow to find domain for log equations1) check if the equation has a denominator (1/x cannot equal 0) 2) check if there is a radicand (radicand _>0) 3) check the argument, which is the parenthesis (argument>0)how to reflect over x-axis for graphflip the y-values (opposite)how to reflect over the y-axis for graphflip the x-values (opposite)Expand formula for log multiplicationln ( a x b)--> ln a + ln bCondense formula for log additionln a + b--> ln (a x b)Expand formula for log divisionln (a/b) --> ln a- ln bCondense formula for log subtractionln a- ln b--> ln (a/b)Expand formula for log exponentsln a^b --> b x ln aCondense formula for log exponentsb x ln a--> ln a^blogs with a BASE don't apply to the log properties...