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Size = Events like when radio stations come to stores for a type of promotion - they usually have a large turnout

Intensity = Using a celebrity to grab attention like the recent mobile game app that used Kate Upton everywhere online and on social media

Attractive Visuals = The recent Sperry's commercial that doesn't really say anything but portrays a lot of good looking people having a good time on a boat wearing their Sperry's

Color and movement = iTunes/Apple with their upbeat and colorful commercials that has a dancer throughout the whole commercial

Position = Candy right by the check out lanes at grocery stores that are right at most children's eye level

Isolation = The world wildlife fund print ads that illustrated animals in the center of the add with white space all around it and then highlighted the part that the world kills those animals for with a statistic indicating them as an endangered species

Format = Truth Orange print ads that are very straightforward with their message

Contrast and expectations = Geico and their recent unskippable commercial on YouTube that is so short that you can't skip and freezes after two seconds but it makes you want to keep watching it. Its contrasts the whole concept of the commercial and what we would expect but very effective

Interestingness = "Slow Down" commercials that shows two people about to crash and then stops right before to try to prevent it

Information quantity = The Sony Xperia phone and how it can be used with anyone who owns a PS4 as a controller