Test 2 Review (7th Grade Religion)

_____________________ is a prayer that we say on behalf of others in need of God's help.

A. Lord's Prayer
B. Paschal Mystery
C. Intercession
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Jesus's suffering on the cross marked his victory over ________ and ______. A. Sin and Evil B. Passion and Death C. Grace, PenanceA. Sin and EvilWho came at Jesus's Feet at the cross? What did that person do? A. Elizabeth B. Mary, the sister of Lazarus C. St. Therese of AvilaB. Mary, the sister's of Lazarus (anointed Jesus's feet with expensive oils and wiped them with her hair).What is the Church known as? A. Communion of Saints B. Disciples C. God's HouseA. Communion of SaintsNeighbors and friends described her as a generous girl who would offer her own bed to a homeless stranger. A. Mary the sister of Lazarus B. St. Joan of Arc C. St. Katherine DrexelB. St. Joan of ArcHow did St. Joan of Arc passed away? A. being burned B. sickness C. car accidentA. being burned(True/False) Jesus' victory over death as rose to new life is called the Resurrection.True(True/False) Jesus' faithful followers will share the Passion for all eternity.False; will share eternal life(Ture/False) The Stations of the Cross is the name we give to the suffering, Crucifixion, and Death Jesus endured for our sins...False; help us mediate on the sufferingHow many Stations of the Cross are there? Who can name one?14; Jesus is condemned to death.The word ______________means "O Lord, grant salvation" in Hebrew.HosannaWith the ______________of his life, Jesus conquered sin and death.Sacrifice_________________ is the week that begins on the Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. It includes the final days of Lent, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. A. Easter Triduum B. Lord Sabboth Day C. Holy WeekC. Holy Week________________________is God's plan for our salvation through the Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus. A. Beatitudes B. Paschal Mystery C. Stations of the CrossB. Paschal MysteryIn this Sacrament of ________________________which can be received more than once, the priest anoints the person's forehead and hands and prays for his or her healing, comfort, strength, and forgiveness.Anointing of the SickSacrament of ________________ and __________________ we examine our consciences and make an intention to avoid sin in the future.Penance and ReconciliationWho only has the powers to forgive our sins in the name of christ? A. Priest B. Priest and bishop C. deaconA. priestThis penance is usually a ____________ or an act of charity. A. Love B. Hope C. charityC. charityJohn is the youngest of ________________ apostles.twelveWho was the only Apostle that stood at the foot of the cross at the Crucifixion? A. John B. Galiee C. LukeA. JohnJohn is the patron saint of _______. A. Brothers B. Writers C. Friendships D. DisciplesC. FriendshipsAfter Jesus's Resurrection, John traveled with Peter to___________. A. preach the Good News of Salvation B. Heal the sick C. escape persecution D. Both a and cboth a and cWho is this person? I made a deal with the chief priests and elders hand over Jesus. A. Pilate B. Pharisee C. JudasC. JudasWho is this person? I was released from prison on the Passover instead of Jesus, even though I was a convicted murderer. A. Barabbas B. Pharisee C. Talbot D. LazarusA. BarabbasWe are called to worship God through _____________. A. prayer B. idol worship C. liturgy D. both a and bD. both a and bThe _________ gives us grace and strength to overcome temptations and accept our responsibilities as disciples of Christ. A. Law B. Holy Spirit C. power of love D. popeB. Holy SpiritIn the Church today, all people through _______ became disciples of Jesus and are called to serve and bring the Gospel to other people in words and actions. A. Baptism B. Confirmation C. Eucharist D. Attendance of MassA. Baptism(True/False) Paul Miki became well known for his singing.False; preaching(True/False) Paul Miki asked God to punish his persecutors.False; Forgive(True/False) The Japanese Leaders had Paul Miki and twenty-five other Catholics man crucified.TrueThose called to the consecrated life publicly promise to follow Christ by living the poverty, chastity, and obedience. A. Theological Virtues B. Evangelical counsels C. Commandments D. Moral VirtuesB. Evangelical Counsels