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  1. ionic bond
  2. adhesion
  3. non polar molecule
  4. Hydronium
  5. solute
  1. a an attraction between molecules of different substances
  2. b molecule that shares electrons EQUALLY and does not have oppositely charged ends.
  3. c the attractive force between oppositely charged ions, which form when electrons are transferred from one atom to another
  4. d in a solution, the substance that dissolves in the solvent
  5. e H 0

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  1. organelles that convert the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use
  2. having oa pH of 7, there are an equal amount of hydronium and hydroxide ions
  3. used on low power, focuses big things
  4. thin, flexible barrier around a cell, regulates what enters and leaves the cell
  5. Made up of cells, Reproduction, Based on a genetic code, growth and development, need for materials and energy, response to the environment, homeostasis, evolution

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  1. eukaryoteA cell that contains a nucleus and membrane bound organelles


  2. peripheral proteinsthe proteins of a membrane that are not embedded in the lipid bilayer; they are appendages loosely bound to the surface of the membrane, often exposed to parts of the integral proteins; attached by cytoskeleton on cytoplasmic side, and by fibers of ECM on extracellular side


  3. cytoplasma jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended


  4. fine adjustmentan attraction between molecules of different substances


  5. lysosomessmall, round structures containing chemicals that break down certain materials in the cell