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  1. covalent bond
  2. solvent
  3. peripheral proteins
  4. nucleic acids
  5. characteristics of life
  1. a Made up of cells, Reproduction, Based on a genetic code, growth and development, need for materials and energy, response to the environment, homeostasis, evolution
  2. b the proteins of a membrane that are not embedded in the lipid bilayer; they are appendages loosely bound to the surface of the membrane, often exposed to parts of the integral proteins; attached by cytoskeleton on cytoplasmic side, and by fibers of ECM on extracellular side
  3. c bond formed by the sharing of electrons between atoms
  4. d substance in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution
  5. e elements-C,H,O,N,P
    function-store information

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  1. 1. All living things are made up of cells
    2. Cells are the basic structural and funtional unit of
    3. All cells come from other cells
  2. compound that donates H+ ions to an aqueous solution and measures less than 7 on the pH scale
  3. in a solution, the substance that dissolves in the solvent
  4. an attraction between molecules of different substances
  5. organelles that capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis

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  1. If you knock a beaker over in class, what should you do?If you get cut during a lab and it's not serious, just put a band-aid on it.


  2. cell wallhaving oa pH of 7, there are an equal amount of hydronium and hydroxide ions


  3. lipid bilayerstructure of membrane, two sheets of lipid molcules with tails pointed inward, proteins embedded in bilayer (serve as channels) along with carbohydrate molecules


  4. enzymea naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers


  5. ionic bondan attraction between molecules of the same substance