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For SC administration how wide is the gauge?
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Volume of ID injectionLess than 0.5 mLAngle of ID injection5-15 degreesT/F: Using the Z track method for IM administration will help decrease discomfortTrue; remember to aspirateSites for IMVastus Lateralis, Deltoid, Ventrogluteal, and Dorsogluteal(contraindicated though because of sciatic nerve)T/F: When administering IM to ventrogluetal, the best position is the side lying positionTrueSize of IM gauge20-25Length of IM needle5/8 to 1 1/2 inchVolume of IM injectionNo more than 3 mL; No more than 1 mL in deltoidGeneric name for DigoxinLanoxinCritical levels of Digoxin2.1 ng/mLWhat kind of drug is digoxin?Anti-arrythmicT/F: Patients who are hypokalemic will have adverse responses to digoxinTrueDigoxin ToxicityVisual changes, confusion, irregular pulse, loss of appetite, N/V, diarrhea, pulseWhat kind of drug is Heparin and how is it given?Blood thinner given SC with 25 gauge 2 in away from umbilicusWhat should nurse check for Heparin administration?PTT at 60-70 or 1 1/2x higherToxic effects of heparinBleeding gums, sclera, bruising, noise bleedsAntidote for HeparinProtamine SulfateWhat is the difference between Heparin and LovenoxLovenex is administered at the love handlesGeneric name of CoumadinWarfarin (similar to heparin)What to monitor when administering Coumadin?INR (2-3.5) and PT (11-12.05 or 2-3.5x higher)Antidote for CoumadinVitamin K/ Leafy VeggiesHow is insulin given?SCWhat to check when giving insulin?Blood sugar levelsT/F: For rapid insulin food must be readily availableTrueAspart, Lispro, and Novolog are all examples of what kind of insulin?RapidOnset, Peak, and Duration of Rapid InsulinO- 15-30 min P- 1-2 hours D-3-4 hrsOnset, Peak, and Duration of Short (Regular) InsulinO- 30 min P- 2.5-5 hrs D- 6 hoursNPH is an example of which type of insulin?Intermediate actingOnset, Peak, and Duration of Intermediate acting insulinO- 1.5-4 hours P- 4-12 hours D- 24 hoursDetemir and Glargine are examples of which type of insulin?Long ActingT/F: Long acting insulin don't require foodTrueOnset and Duration of Long Acting InsulinO- 0.8-2 hours D- 24 hours and upMixtures of insulineIsophane (NPH) and Regular (70/30) Isophane (NPH) and Insuline (50/50)Onset, Peak, and Duration of Isophane (NPH) and Regular (70/30)O- 10-20 minutes P- 2-4 hours D- 24 hoursOnset and Duration of Isophane (NPH) and Insulin (50/50)O- 0.5-1 hour D- 10-16 hours