BIOL 220 - Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life

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- can convert to gel state - particles are 1-100 nm - scatter light, usually cloudy - particles can't pass through membrane - particles remain permanently mixed when standingWhat are some characteristics of colloids?- particles are > 100nm - can't pass through membranes - usually cloudy or opaque - separates on standing - ex. BloodWhat are some characteristics of suspension?- liquid suspended in another liquid - ex. fat in breast milkwhat is emulsion?HydrolysisUses water to break bondsDehydrationRemoves water to form bondsAcidsProton Donor (H⁺ ions in water)BasesProton Acceptor that can release OH⁻the molarity of H+ (log scale)How is pH measured?Neutralhas pH of 7.0Acidichas pH < 7.0Basichas pH > 7.0