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Alkali metals (Group 1) characteristics

soft, most reactive metals, easily give away valence electrons, 1 valence electron

Alkaline-earth metals (Group 2) characteristics

2 valence electrons, burn brightly, soft, silvery white, high melting point/density

Transition metals (Groups 3-12)

good thermal conductors, shiny, electric conductors, higher density and melting points than group 1+2, 1-2 valence electrons

What group are the Lanthanide/Actinide in?

transition metals

Lanthanide Characteristics

1-3 valence electrons, reactive, shiny, metals

Actinide Characteristics

radioactive, unstable, made in labs, 1-3 valence electrons, reactive

Boron Group Characteristics

3 valence electrons, reactive, solid at room temp

Carbon Group Characteristics

4 valence electrons, reactivity varies, solid at room temp

Nitrogen Group Characteristics

5 valence electrons, reactivity varies, solid at room temp except for nitrogen

Oxygen Group Characteristics

6 valence electrons, reactive, solid at room temp except for oxygen

Halogens (Group 17) Characteristics

7 valence electrons, very reactive, causes violent reactions with reacting with other elements, at least one element from each state of matter

Noble gases (Group 18) Characteristics

2 or 8 valence electrons, non-reactive, colorless, tasteless, odorless

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