System Monitoring Chapter 11

What is the full path to the directory that contains log files, including secure, messages, [application], and kern.log?
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logrotate: Manages, compresses, renames, and deletes log files based on specific criteria (such as size or date).

sar: Displays CPU and other system statistics.

dmsg: Displays information about all the hardware controlled by the kernel.

logger: Changes the message severity and where logged messages are sent.

lastlog: Displays a list of the dates and times for the last login for each user.
head: Displays the first ten lines of a text-based log file.

less: Lets you scroll through individual pages of a text-based log file.

cat: Displays the entire contents of a text-based log file.

grep: Filters text from a text-based log file.

tail: Displays the last 10 lines of a text-based log file.
create: Creates a log file with a name identical to the one just rotated.

rotate: Specifies the number of times to rotate the log before deleting it.

maxage: Removes rotated logs that are older than the specified number of days.

missingok: Prevents errors from being displayed for missing log files.

notifempty: Prohibits empty logs from being rotated.
Which of the following commands or utilities is a suite of tools that can help you detect, report, and resolve application crashes, as well as take steps to resolve the issue?ABRTYou have been experiencing several crashes on your Linux server over the past two days and want to use the ABRT utility to view information about all the crashes. Which of the following ABRT commands would give you the information you need?abrt-cli listYour Linux server has just crashed, and you want to use ABRT to generate a report that identifies the operating system and versions of RPM packages running when the system crashed. You don't want any private information included in the report. Which of the following ABRT components can you use to generate this report?uReportsYou want to generate a report that includes a description of each of the hardware components on your Linux server, as well as serial numbers and BIOS revisions. Which of the following utilities or commands can provide this information in a human-readable format?dmidecodeBelow is an illustration of information you displayed by entering a command at the root command prompt. Which of the following commands displayed this information?freeA technician executes a command that collects various OS usage statistics, provides report capability, and saves system activity information. Which of the following commands displays this information?sarWhich of the following sar commands can you use to view statistics for each processor and global statistics for all processors?sar -P ALLWhich of the following sysctrl command switches lets you permanently write a change to the kernel parameter at runtime?-wWhich of the following commands produced the following output? 06:14:11 up 139 days, 24 min, 5 users, load average: 0.12, 0.33, 0.48uptimeMary, a technician, is troubleshooting memory and performance issues on a system. Mary executes a command to show information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, disks, and CPU activity. Which of the following commands did Mary use to view this information?vmstat