Chapter 5: Analyzing a Rhythm Strip

1. determine rhythm regularity
2. calculate rate
3. examine P waves
4. measure PR interval
5. measure QRS complex
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another rhythmwhen a basic rhythm has a *premature beat* the premature beat is *not included in the rate calculations*; the premature beat is considered _____ _____rhythmwhen rhythm strips have more than *one rhythm on a 6 second strip*, rates must be calculated for each _____P waveswhat type of wave? -should be present -should *precede each QRS complex* -all of these waves should look essentially the same in size, shape, and directionPR interval-*measure from the beginning of the P wave as it leaves the baseline until the beginning of the QRS complex* -count the number of small squares in this measurement and multiple by *0.04 seconds*0.12-0.20PR interval time?QRS complex-*measure from the beginning of the QRS complex as it leaves baseline until the end. of the QRS when the ST segment begins* -count the number of small squared inn this measurement and *multiple by 0.04 seconds*0.10-0.12QSR complex time?