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a large waterfall; any strong flood or rush of water


The worlds first monotheistic religion


Power past on to other family members by death

Menes ( Narmer)

First pharoh of unified egypt


Boy king who ruled for 9 years


ruler of ancient egypt


System of writing for egypt

Lower Egypt

Area of eqypt located in the northern area by the delta


Female pharaoh that dressed as a king and wore the false beard

Old Kingdom

a period in egyptian history that lasted from about 2700 bc to 2200 bc


belief in multiple Gods




process developed by the ancient Egyptians of preserving a person's body after death

Book of the dead

Collection of religious spells which were thought to be helpful to the deceased in the afterlife.

new kingdom

the period during which Egypt reached the height of its power and glory

Pharaoh's family

The family of the pharaoh


God of the dead

Ramses II

one of Egypt's greatest kings who ruled for over 60 years, conquered vast territories, and fathered over 100 children

Social Pyramid

social structure in shape of pyramid, layers representing different social statuses


god, ancient hawk-headed Egyptian sun god

Middle Kingdom

2050 BC. - 1800 BC.: A new dynasty reunited Egypt. Moved the capital to Thebes. Built irrigation projects and canal between NIle and Red Sea so Egytian ships could trade along coasts of Arabian Penninsula and East Africa. Expanded Egyptian territory:Nubia, Syria.


an ancient nubian kingdom whose rulers contolled egypt between 2000 and 1000 B.C.

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