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Phillip Nolan

filibuster who wrangled mestenon while secretly mapping texas; was killed in a battle with the Spanish near Waco

Gutierrez and Magee

traveled from Natchez, Mississippi to Nacogdoches, Texas to declare Texas independent from Spain

Stephen F. Austin

first empresario who brought 300 families to settle in Texas. Established a militia to defend colonists against Native Texans raids. He was the son of Moses Austin.

Greeen DeWitt

empresario who founded a colony with a headquarters in Gonzales

Moses Austin

presented a pertition to the Spanish Governor requestiong permission to bring colonists to Texas. He was granted the first empresarial contract in Texas. He died before this contract could be carried out. The contract was passed on to his son Stephen F. Austin

Baron de Bastrop

aided Moses Austin in his petition to the Spainish Governor out of a desire to help settle the Texas frontier and help control the Natives.

Mary Austin Holley

was the cousin of S.F.A she wrote letters, diary entries, and books that prompted people to move to Texas


not belonging to one side or the other


to surrender by treaty or agreement


to persuade someone to join a group


a person of Mexican descent living in Texas


an adventurer who engaged in rebellious activity in a foreign country


person who comes to a country to settle


a nation in which people elect reps to govern them


an agent who makes all arrangements to bring settlers to a colony

Anglo Americans

people who moved from one of many European countries to the U.S and now share a common culture and language


an agreement in which each side gives up something it wants in order to reach a settlement


to leave home to settle elsewhere


"gone to texas"

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