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A special character that can represent one or more characters in the criterion of a query
Field Property
A characteristic of a field that determines how a field looks and behaves
AND logical operator
Returns only records that meet all criteria
Criteria row
A row in the Query Design view that determines which records will be selected
Data type
Determines the type of data that can be entered and the operations that can be performed on that data
Caption property
Used to create a more readable label that displays in the top row in Datasheet view and in forms and reports
Enables you to ask questions about the data stored in a database
The term ACCESS uses to describe a blank field
A data type that is a number that automatically increments each time a record is added
Data redundancy
The unnecessary storing of duplicate data in two or more tables
Number data type
A data type that can store only numerical data
One-to-many relationship
A relationship established when the primary key value in the primary table can match many of the foreign key balues in the related table
Foreign key
A field in one table that is also the primary key of another table
Cascade Update Related Fields
An option that directs Access to automatically update all foreign key values in a related table when the primary key value is modified in a primary table
Referential Integrity
Rules in a database that are used to preserve relationships between tables when records are changed
CamelCase notation
Uses no spaces in multiword field names, but uses uppercase letters to distinguish the first letter of each new word
Sort row
A row in the Query Design view that enables you to reorder data in ascending or descending order
Multitable query
Contains two or more tables enabling you to take advantage of the relationships that have been set in your database
OR logical operator
Returns records meeting any of specified criteria
Simple Query Wizard
Provides dialog boxes to guide you through the query design process