Chapter 8: Reconstruction and Moving West

Which group of people within the Republican party wanted government control of Reconstruction?
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This person was America's first Black SenatorHiram Rhodes RevelsAfter the invention of the telegraph, this was no longer neededPony ExpressThis improved transportation from coast to coasttranscontinental railroadLarge sections if land set aside by the government for Native American tribesIndian reservationsThe event where over 200 Native American people were killed by the United States ArmyThe Wounded Knee MassacreThe route Texas cattlemen used to move their cattle toward the cow town of Abilene, KansasChisholm TrailAll people born in the United States after the Civil Rights Act of 1866citizensFollowing the Reconstruction Act of of 1867 these states were divided into five military districts to aid in recovery during ReconstructionSouthern statesThis was brought to an end by the Compromise of 1877ReconstructionThe Homestead Act allowed settlers to claim this if they would improve it and live on it for at least five years.landThe Dawes Act broke up tribal lands for anyone who would take upfarming or ranchingThese people were made citizens of the United States after the Indian Citizenship Act was passedNative AmericansThis Act made large areas of land available to Native AmericansThe Indian Reorganization ActNumber the events in order, beginning with what happened first1.) American Civil War Ends 2.) Reconstruction of the South 3.) Oklahoma Land RushNortherners who helped rebuild the SouthCarpetbaggersFounded the Tuskegee InstituteBooker T. WashingtonThe first former enslaved Black American who served in CongressJoseph RaineyInvented the telegraphSamuel MorseHired to build the transcontinental railroadimmigrants