Word Wisdom Unit 4

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prohibitTo stop one from doing something; preventreformto change for the bettersojourna temporary staytranscendto rise above or beyond, exceedfraternizeto be friendly withabolitionistA person who wanted to end slaveryemancipationthe act of setting freefeminista person who works for equal rights for womenfugitive(n.) one who flees or runs away; (adj.) fleeting, lasting a very short time; wandering; difficult to graspdisplacedremoved from a placefraternity (n)a group of people sharing a common profession or interestsformalize (v)make formal or official; declare or make legally validinhabitant (n)a person or animal that lives in a certain placefraternal (adj)brotherlycohabit (v)to live togetherinhibition (n)restraintnoncomformist (n)a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing thingsrehabilitate (v)(v.) to make over in good form; to restore to good condition or to a former positionformality (n)something done only for show or ceremony/established ruleconform (v)to follow rules or customs

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