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fertility (high)


fertility (low)


sex ratio (high)


sex ratio (low)


population growth (fast)


population growth (slow)


contraception use (high)


contraception use (low)


HDI (high)


HDI (low)

niger (subsaharan africa)

GDP Per Capita (high)


GDP Per Capita (low)


GDP Total 1

USA 14 trillion

GDP Total 2

China 5 trillion

GDP Total 3

Japan 4 trillion

GDP Total 4

Germany 3.5 trillion

GDP Total 5

France 3 trillion

Oil Production

Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA

Oil Reserves

S.A., Venezuela, Iran, Iraq

Largest Corporations

1. Exxon
2. Petro China
3. Microsoft
4. BHP Biliton
5. Wal-mart
6. China Mobile
7. Doctor and Gamble
8. G.E.
9. AT & T
10. Royal Dutch Shell

The Good (USA Global Report Card)

Innovation, New Business Opportunities, Industrial Production, Agricultural Production

The Bad (USA Global Report Card)

Crime Rate, Education, Health Care

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