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Optical Mark Recognition


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This equipment scans forms which have been filled in using marks or ticks.
This uses light to detect the position of marks on paper.
Marks are converted to digital data.
This is used for the National Lottery and answer sheets for multiple choice tests.
Advantages - Fast
Large amounts of data can be input quickly as OMR allows many documents to be process one after the other.
Advantages - Accurate
Because data is read directly form the document, it eliminates the possibility of typing errors made by humans.
Advantages - Quick Analyisation
Data input to a computer using OMR can be analysed to produce high-quality information quickly.
Advantages - Minimal Training
Staff need minimal training in system use as documents are simply passed into a scanner.
Disadvantages - Good Condition
Documents must be kept in good condition, as the system may not be able to read creased documents.
Disadvantages - Paper-Based
OMR input is paper based and the cost of producing specially designed forms could be high.
Disadvantages - Not Eco-Friendly
Unless the forms are recycled after input, it may not be the most environmentally friendly solution.
Disadvantages - Cost
The cost of buying OMR equipment can be high.