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  1. Philemon and Baucis
  2. Pygmalion
  3. Pyramus
  4. Bellerophon
  5. Thisbe
  1. a wanted to ride Pegasus; prays to Athena and she gives him a gold collar; rides Pegasus and he throws him off; tries to fly to Olympus
  2. b forbidden to talk to Pyramus; meets up; beast tries to kill her but just makes her cloak bloody; finds Pyramus dead so she kills herself
  3. c sculpted a his dream girl out of stone; hated other women; prayed to Aphrodite for a woman; his statue became real
  4. d old couple who took in disguised Zeus and Hermes and granted one wish to be together; turned into trees
  5. e sees Thisbe's bloody cloak; thinks she's dead; kills himself

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  1. in love with himself; Echo loves him and accidentally puts curse on him
  2. sang people to death
  3. married to Alcyone; had to leave for a journey on the sea; Alcytone was upset; he died overseas; Alcytone didn't know; Juno sent her a dream to tell her; she asked to be both changed into birds
  4. three gray sisters who had one eye between them
  5. supernatural things destroy him; killed wife and kids because was under a spell by Hera; had to kill Lion of Nemea; burn the Hydra; get the Golden Apple

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  1. Cupidturned into a cow by Zeus to prevent Hera knowing about their affair; Hera has Argus, beast with a thousand eyes, to watch over her; Hermes puts Argus asleep and kills him; eyes become peacock; she is stung with a gad fly


  2. Orpheusamazing at the lyre; fell in love with Eurydice; tries to get her back from underworld; had a condition thathe could not look back until she was fully out of the underworld; he looked back and Eurydice was trapped


  3. Endymionmoon was in love with him; came down every night to sleep with him


  4. Otus and Ephialtesfirst House of Atreus myth; chopped up son in a stew for the gods to be mean to them; is punished by having all water and food blown away or disappears when he comes close to them


  5. Atalantashe wants to be alone; father is god of rivers; he turns her into a tree to avoid Apollo