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  1. Daphne
  2. Otus and Ephialtes
  3. Odysseus
  4. Cupid
  5. Tantheus
  1. a arrived island; a cyclops was there; when it was asleep he heated a point of a stick and jammed into the cyclops eyes blinding it and they escaped
  2. b pricked himself with an arrow and fell in love with Psyche; never shows her who he is; runs away when woken by wax from her lamp
  3. c first House of Atreus myth; chopped up son in a stew for the gods to be mean to them; is punished by having all water and food blown away or disappears when he comes close to them
  4. d in love with themselves; thinks they love Hera and Artemis; chases after Artemis: she changes into a deer and disappears and the men's swords kill each other
  5. e she wants to be alone; father is god of rivers; he turns her into a tree to avoid Apollo

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  1. supernatural things destroy him; killed wife and kids because was under a spell by Hera; had to kill Lion of Nemea; burn the Hydra; get the Golden Apple
  2. woman hero; father left her in woods; raised by bears; boar was in town and needed to be killed so she wounded it to be filled; men wanted to marry her; wanted a man to beat her at a foot race; Hippomenes won
  3. sees Thisbe's bloody cloak; thinks she's dead; kills himself
  4. had to choose which goddess (Aphrodite, Hera, Athena) would have the For the Fairest golden apple; Hera promises him to be lord of Europe and Asia; Athena said he would lead the Greece War; Aphrodite would give him the most beautiful woman (Helen) and she won
  5. moon was in love with him; came down every night to sleep with him

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  1. Orpheusamazing at the lyre; fell in love with Eurydice; tries to get her back from underworld; had a condition thathe could not look back until she was fully out of the underworld; he looked back and Eurydice was trapped


  2. Phaethonwants to ride sun chariot; son of Helious (son god); rode to close to earth and it started to burn; Zeus stopped him


  3. Perseusneeds to kill Medusa; gets a sword (Hermes), shield (Athena), Hyperborrans (winged sandals, wallet, and invisible cap); Athena helps kill Medusa with him


  4. Pygmalionsculpted a his dream girl out of stone; hated other women; prayed to Aphrodite for a woman; his statue became real


  5. The Sirensdid things to people the same way they did to him; war started; daughter of the king fell in love with him