Multiple Sclerosis

Degenerative disease of the CNS that affects multiple parts of the brain and spinal chord

in regards to where the plaques are
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Score of ≤ 3What is the goal EDSS?Most common form Acute worsening with periods of complete remission No disease progression during thisWhat is RRMS?Steadily worsening disease Remissions do happen but they are incomplete so there is some disease progressionWhat is SPMS?Slow but continuous worsening No remissions or relapsesWhat is PPMS?STEADILY worsening with relapses and remitting RRMS and PPMSWhat is PRMS?infections heat sleep deprivation stress malnutrition..etcWhat things can cause relapses?MS does not directly increase mortality It comes from secondary complications (infections, pneumonia..etc) Suicide rates are 7x higherHow is mortality related to MS?Clinically isolated syndrome MRI***What is needed to diagnose MS?