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Geography of North Africa and Southwest Asia

Sahara Desert

The largest "hot desert" in the world.


The major religion in much of the Middle East.


The major language in much of the Middle East.


In Arabic it means "western" or "the land farther west."


An isolated area of vegetation in the desert, typically surrounding a spring or other water source.


An underground rock layer that stores water which can be taken out using a well.

population density

A measurement of population per unit area, for example, the number of people in a square mile.


An ethnic group of people originating from an area, native.


The indigenous people of North Africa west of the Nile.


The capital of Egypt.

Suez Canal

The major canal in Egypt between the Red Sea and Mediterranean.


Penalties applied by one country or group of countries to another country.


Land fit for growing crops.


An ancient civilization that means "between rivers."

alluvial plain

A flat landform created by the deposit of sediment over a long period of time by one or more rivers.


Collective farming settlements in Israel.

Dead Sea

The salt lake between Israel and Jordan that is the lowest point of dry land on Earth.

Nile River

The longest river in the world, located in Egypt.

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