Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Acute attack = shorten duration

Disease-Modifying therapy = decrease progression

Symptomatic Therapy = Maintain patient QOL
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Beta-1-Bs (Betaseron / Extavia) Using Auto-Injector Proper injection technique Hydrocortisone cream to decrease swelling Ice can decrease pain and rednessInjection site reactions are more common with.. How to reduce risk?Flu-like symptoms (typically 24 hours after injection) Hydration NSAIDs DEPRESSION, and liver dysfunctionOther common AE's for interferons?CBC / LFT / ThyroidWhat monitoring should be done for interferons?interferons should be stopped Peginterferon should be stopped prior to conceptionInterferons and pregnancy....Fewer rections Fewer injectionsAdvantage of Avonex/Plegridyinterferons SQ daily or 3 times weekly Injection site reactionsGlatiramer acetate Similar to... Administration AE'sdoes not cause flu like symptoms or depression transient reaction of chest tightness, flushing, dyspnea following injection No monitor in clinical practice Safe in PregnancyGlatiramer considerations