MS Treatment continued

First line induction

specific to B cells that exhibit CD20

injection site, URTI's HA, back pain

Monitor Serum immunoglobulins
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Patients who failed other therapies MOA: Topoisomerase II inhibitor Max dose: 140 mg/m2 Can be used: with all disease modifying agents except natalizumabMitoxantrone USe: MOA Max dose Can be usedCardiotoxicity (Must have EF > 50% prior to each infusion) severe bone marrow suppression (CBC prior to each infusion) teratogenic (have to have negative pregnancy test) Common AEs - nausea, alopecia, infection - Blue-green urine for 24 hoursMitoxantrone BBW's Common AE'sfailed 2 or more therapies IV --> two dose cycles then done forever typically increased risk of infection increased incidence of autoimmune disorder Common AE's - infusion reaction (premedicate with methylprednisolone) - thyroid dysfunction - blood clotting disorderAlemtuzumab Use Administered Common AE'sin combination patients who had an inadequate response to ≥ 2 therapiesSumming up Mitoxantrone is typically used... Cladribine and alemtuzumanb are forGait or walking = dalfampridine Spasticity = Baclofen or Tizanidine Bladder = Tolterodine / Oxybutinin Sensory = Gabapentin Fatigue = Amantadine / Modafinil / MethylphenidatePrimary symptom management Gait or walking = dalfampridine Spasticity = Bladder = Sensory = Fatigue =