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1. Peace with AntiChrist

Will begin with rapture of church and the revelation of the man of sin and peace will be made with Israel

2. Seals

1. Seals: The 1st of 3 series of judgements
*White Horse conquering
*Red horse taking peace
*Black horse bringing famine
*Pale horse bringing death
*Martyred saints praying
*Heavenly phenomena

3. The 144,000

Jews marked by God for the task of world evangelization

4. 2 Witness

3. During the 1st half of Tribulation, 2 witness begin to preach are killed and resurrected and raptured into heaven

5. 7 Trumpets

*Nature smitten: 1/3
*Sea turned to blood: 1/3 sea
*Pollution of fresh water: 1/3
*Destruction in heavens: 1/3
*Locusts/Scorpions: Scorpion like creature bringing pain
*1/3 population destroyed
*Great announcement

6. Battle of Gog and Magog

latter half of Tribulation. Alliance between Gof and his allies invade Israel from north

7. 7 Bowls

*Sea life destroyed
*Fresh water to blood
*Sun's heat intensified
*Darkness and pain
*Drying of Euprhates River

8. Battle of Armageddon

World leaders come together to destroy Israel and God. Triumphant return of Christ marks conclusion of Great Tribulation

Be able to distinguish between the "Judgment Seat of Christ" and the "Great White Throne Judgment."


Be able to identify the following as to their identity and sequence during the Tribulation period:


Be familiar with the characteristics describing the millennium.


Be familiar with the key events that take place at the Second Coming of Christ.

Millenium will take place
Satan restrained
Theocratic Kingdom (Universal King)
Land of Palestine focal point
Jerusalem is the capital city
Nature delivered from curse of the fall of man
Righteousness flourishes
Desirable Kingdom

Be familiar with the nature and contents of the Great White Throne Judgment.


Be familiar with the nature and purpose of the millennium.

reward the saints
Fulfill answered prayers of God's kingdom coming
Redeem Creation
Fulfill Covenants
Complete the ministry of Christ

Be familiar with the three main "views of the kingdom" during the millennium.

Postmillennalist: christianizing of society or improvement of world conditions by the influence of the gospel so that the kingdom of God is brought to the earth.
Amillennialists: denial of any future kingdom period on the earth. Believe kingdom is being fulfilled in heaven & being fulfilled in a spiritual manisfestation of the church.
premillennialist: literal interpretation believing a millennium rule by Christ.

How does the millennium serve to provide closure and fulfillment in relationship to the various covenants that God established with Israel?

Abrahamic Covenant: Israel will possess the Promised Land
Davidic Covenant: seed of David (Christ will rule forever on the throne of David.
New Covenant: spiritual rebirth for the nation of Israel

How does this battle relate to the Second Coming of Christ?

Marks the conclusion of the Great Tribulation

How will the Antichrist (world ruler) assert his domination over the world?

A covenant will be made between beast (AntiChrist) and Israel (Dan 9:27) that will promise peace and security to Israel.

Is the False Prophet a Jew? How do we know the answer to this question?

Yes. Comes from Palestine (Rev 13:11

Know the timing, sequence, significance, and general outline of the Battle of Armageddon.

1. World unable to handle problems because of judgements
2. Anti-Semitism grows
3. demons will influence world leaders for a final battle to destroy Israel & God.
4. Demons source of inspiration, but leaders held responsible for organizing battle.
5. Initiates 2nd Coming of Christ

Note the various names used in Scripture to describe the Great Tribulation period. Note also how many of these names are found in the Old Testament and how the primary focus during this period is upon Israel.

Study page 781 chart

What is the difference between the rapture and the glorious appearing (Second Coming of Christ)? Be able to make specific distinctions between the two.

Page 773

What place will Israel have in the political world of the millennium?

Palestine, particularly Jerusalem

What will be the capital city of the world during the millennium?


Who is the False Prophet, and what is his relationship to Satan and the Antichrist?

Chief religious figure during tribulation period.
He is third person in a unholy triad trying to replace the trinity

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