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Abdominopelvic II

Which layer of the peritoneum has localized sensory innervation?
What is fusion fascia and where can it be found?
Fusion fascia is formed when mesentary is lost due to fusion with parietal mesoderm. Found in secondary retroperitoneal structures: duodenum, ascending and descending colon
What are the three recesses in the supracolic compartment of the greater sac?
Suprahepatic, subhepatic, hepatorenal
What are the compartments in the infracolic compartment of the greater sac?
Paracolic gutters (lateral to ascending and descending colon), right infracolic, left incracolic, intersigmoid (posterior to sigmoid colon), retrocecal, pelvic
Where is the lesser sac with respect to the stomach? What are its three recesses?
Posterior. Its three recesses are superior, inferior, splenic
Contents of the epiploic foramen of Winslow
Anterior = hepatoduodenal ligament. Portal vein is posterior, hepatic artery is medial, bile duct is lateral
Posterior = Inferior Vena Cava
Superior = caudate lobe of liver
Inferior = duodenum
Esophagus enters the abdominal cavity at...Vagus nerves are...
T10. Right is posterior, Left is anterior
Blood supply of esophagus
Esophageal branch of left gastric artery
What are the parts of the stomach?
Fundus, budy, pyloric antrum and canal, pylorus and sphincter, angular notch, lesser curvature, greater curvature, cardia, cardiac notch
What are the fixed parts of the stomach?
Cardia (T11) and pylorus (L1)
Name the ligaments of the greater omentum
Gastrosplenic (stomach to spleen)
Splenorenal (kidney to spleen)
Gastrocolic (stomach to transverse colon)
Gastrophrenic (stomach to diaphragm)
What are the ribs that the spleen touches?
9, 10, 11
What is the bare part of the liver?
In between posterior and anterior layers of coronary ligaments, surrounded laterally by the triangular ligament
What forms the "H" in the liver and what are the lobes?
Gall bladder and IVC (Right)
Falciform ligament and round ligament (Left)
Porta Hepatitis (Horizontal)

Left, right, quadrate, caudate
Where do hepatic veins drain into?
Parts of the gall bladder
Body, Fundus, Neck
What is the cystic duct covered by?
Hepatoduodenal ligament
What supplies the gall bladder and what is it a branch of?
Cystic artery, branch of right hepatic artery
What three things drain into the common bile duct? What is it embedded in?
Right and left hepatic ducts, Cystic Duct

Pancreatic duct also sometimes at inferior end. Posterior part of the pancreas
What is the name of the sphincter in the cystic duct?
Choledochal sphincter