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Border between Dem. Rep. of the Congo and Rep. of the Congo
Countries Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo-Kinshasa, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia
Source: of the Congo are in the highlands and mountains of the East African Rift, as well as Lake Tanganyika and Lake Mweru, (which feed the Lualaba River, which then becomes the Congo below Boyoma Falls.) The Chambeshi River in Zambia is generally taken as the source of the Congo in line with the accepted practice worldwide of using the longest tributary, as with the Nile River.
Mouth: Atlantic Ocean
Length 4,700 km (2,920 mi)
Tributaries: Sorted in order from the mouth heading upstream.
Lower Congo : Downstream of Kinshasa, there are no important tributaries. Inkisi
Middle Congo: Kwa-Kassai (left) - Fimi,(Lukenie), Kwango, Sankuru, Lefini (right), Sangha (right) - (Kadéï),Ubangi/ (right) -(Mbomou, Uele), Tshuapa River (left) -,Lomami River (left) -
Upper Congo: Upstream of Boyoma Falls near Kisangani, the river Congo is known as the Lualaba River. :Luvua, (Luapula), Chambeshi
The river and its tributaries flow through the Congo rainforest, the second largest rain forest area in the world, second only to the Amazon Rainforest in South America. The river also has the second-largest flow in the world, behind the Amazon; the third-largest drainage basin of any river, behind the Amazon and Plate rivers; and is one of the deepest rivers in the world, at depths greater than 220 m (720 ft).Because its drainage basin includes areas both north and south of the equator, its flow is stable, as there is always at least one part of the river experiencing a rainy season
Countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine
Cities: Ulm, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Linz, Vienna, Bratislava, Győr, Budapest, Dunaújváros, Vukovar, Novi Sad, Zemun, Pančevo, Belgrade, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Vidin
Primary source: Breg - location: Martinskapelle, Black Forest, Germany - length 2,860 km (1,777 mi)
Secondary source: Brigach - location: St. Georgen, Black Forest, Germany - length 2,860 km (1,777 mi)
Source confluence: - location: it originates in the town of Donaueschingen—which is in the Black Forest of Germany—at the confluence of the rivers Brigach and Breg.
Mouth - Danube Delta- emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine
Length 2,860 km (1,777 mi)
Discharge elsewhere (average) - Passau - 30km before town - Vienna - Budapest- Belgrade
List of Tributaries:
1. Iller (entering at Ulm) 2. Lech 3. Altmühl (entering at Kelheim) 4. Naab (entering at Regensburg) 5. Regen (entering at Regensburg) 6. Isar 7. Inn (entering at Passau) 8. Enns 9. Morava (entering near Devín Castle) 10. Rába (entering at Győr) 11. Váh (entering at Komárno) 12. Hron (entering at Štúrovo) 13. Ipeľ 14. Sió 15. Dráva 16. Vuka (entering at Vukovar) 17. Tisza 18. Sava (entering at Belgrade) 19. Timiș (entering at Pančevo) 20. Great Morava 21. Caraș 22. Jiu (entering at Bechet) 23. Iskar 24. Olt (entering at Turnu Măgurele) 25. Osam 28. Argeș (entering at Oltenița) 29. Ialomița 30. Siret (entering near Galați) 31. Prut (entering near Galați)