Science: Chapter 25 Notes

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What is motion?
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Which of the following is not correct? A. s=d/t B. d=st C. t=sd D. t=d/sCWhat is any change over time called?rateWhat is the SI unit for speed?m/sWhat is average speed?total distance divided by total timeWhat axis is the independent variable on?x-axisWhat axis is the dependent variable on?y-axisWhat is velocity?Speed in a given directionTrue or False: The velocity of an object can change even if the speed of the object remains constant.TrueWhat is the SI unit for velocity?m/sWhat is the outer layer of Earth's crust called?upper mantleWhat is it called where the crust and upper mantle of the Earth meet?lithosphereWhere is the San Andreas Fault?CaliforniaWhat is the largest fault in the world and how fast does it move?San Andreas Fault, 1 cm/yearWhat is the fastest fault in the world?Australian Plate, 17-21 cm/yearHow are acceleration and velocity related?Acceleration is the rate of change in velocityAn increase in speed/velocity is _____________ acceleration.positiveA decrease in speed/velocity is ______________ acceleration.negativeWhen acceleration is in opposite direction from velocity, it is ____________.negativeAva's car drives 400 meters in 22 seconds. What is the car's speed? (Remember sig figs!)20 meters/secondOwen is on his motorcycle going 50 meters/second. If he drives 1600 meters, how long does it take him? (Remember sig figs!)30 secondsHow do you solve for change in velocity?final velocity-initial velocityHow do you solve for acceleration?change in velocity/timeWhat is the SI unit for acceleration?m/s squaredAllie and Lilly are riding a roller coaster that goes from 0 to 26.5 m/s in 10 seconds. What is the acceleration of the roller coaster? (Remember sig figs!)2.65 m/s squaredBraxton and Jack are driving 7.0 meters/second on their way to Kate's birthday party. They stop in 14 seconds once they get to her house. What is the acceleration of Braxton and Jack's car? (Remember sig figs!)-0.50 m/s squaredWhat is the acceleration due to gravity on Earth?9.8 m/s squaredTrue or False: Even without air resistance, gravity will cause objects of different masses to fall at different times.FalseWhat is the acceleration due to gravity on Mars?3.08 m/s squaredWhat is force?a push or pull on an objectWhat is net force?The combination of all forces acting on an objectForces that are equal in size and opposite in direction are called _____________ forces.balancedWhat is the SI unit for force?NewtonWhen two people push on an object with unequal forces in opposite directions, the object will move in the direction of the _____________ (larger, smaller) force.largerWhat are unbalanced forces?Forces that are unequal and result in motionThe smaller the mass, the __________ the inertia.smallerWhat is intertia?the ability for an object to resist a change in motionNewton's first law of motion is know as the of inertiaWhat are the two parts to Newton's first law?velocity remains constant unless an unbalanced force acts on it, and an object at rest will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it