Hematopoietic Function I

Pluripotent stem cells differentiates into __________________ and _____________________ stem cells
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Monocytes/MacrophagesAntigen presenting cells; produce inflammatory mediatorsGranulocytes are from __________ and Agranulocytes are from ___________CMP;CLPLeukocytosisIncreased number of WBCsWhat must be investigated for Leukocytosis?Number and appearance of cellNeutrophiliaIncreased number of neutrophilsLeukopeniaDecrease in absolute number of leukocytes in bloodLymphomaCancer of lymphoid tissueLymphocytosisIncrease in lymphocytesLymphopeniaLow numbers of lymphocytesInfectious MononucleosisKissing disease in adolescent/young adultsWhat does Infectious Mononucleosis target?Viral infection that targets B lymphocytesWhat is Infectious Mononucleosis caused by?Epstein-Barr virusWhat are the symptoms of Infectious Mononucleosis and how long do they last?Fever, sore throat, lymphadenopathy, increase lymphocyte number, and atypical lymphocytes. 4-8 wksSerious complication of Infectious MononucleosisSplenic Rupture (5%)Treatment for Infectious MononucleosisBed rest, OTC analgesics, should resolve in 1-4 weeksLeukemiasCancer of blood-forming cells leading to uncontrolled production of abnormal WBCWhat are leukemias classified based upon?Cell lineage and speed of cancer progressionWhat population is Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia most common in?Children but it also affects adultsWhat population is Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia most common in?Adults over 55What population is Acute Myelogenous Leukemia most common in?Adults and childrenWhat population is Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia most common in?AdultsCharacteristics of Acute Leukemia-Develop from progenitor cells in early stage -Immature/nonfunctional cells (blasts) spill into blood from bone marrow -Fast growing and short life expectancy -Immediate Tx is critical -Most common in childrenCharacteristics of Chronic Leukemia-Develops from later stages of blood cells -Production of more mature dysfunctional cells -No blasts in blood -Slower growing with longer surviving - Watch and wait for txALLFast growing, with a lot of blasts in blood. Cells in bine marrow fail to mature and release into bloodCLLSlow growing, No blasts in blood but increased production of more mature yet dysfunctional lymphocytes that can progress to acuteAMLFast growing cancerous neutrophils with a lot of blasts in the bodyCMLSlow growing neutrophils with no blasts in blood but increased number of more mature yet dysfunctional leukocytesFatigue/Muscle Weakness, Weight Loss, Fever, Night Sweats, Peetechiae, Susceptibility to infection, Hepato-splenomegaly, Bleeding gums/Hyertrophy, Easy brusing, and Bone/joint pain are all signs and symptoms of ____________________.LeukemiaWhat does Leukemia treatment depend on?Type of leukemia, stage of disease, and severity of diseaseTreatment options for leukemia besides chemo and radiationImmunotherapy Targeted Therapies Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Experimental TherapiesWhat immunotherapies can be used for leukemia tx?Monoclonal antibodies and checkpoint inhibitorsWhat targeted therapy can be used for leukemia tx?GleevacGleevacRevolutionary drug that targets BCR-ABL and selectivity kills cancer cells. Has greatly improved prognosis for CML patientsLymphomasMalignant transformation of lymphocytes and lymphocyte precursors into lymphoid tissues that produces bulky painless tumorsMajor categories of lymphomasHodgkin and Non-Hodgkin LymphomaSymptoms of LymphomaLymph node tumors Fever Night Sweats Unexplained Weight LossTx of Lymphoma besides chemo and radiationActive Surveillance Bone Marrow transportCharacteristics of Hodgkin Lymphoma-Reed-Sternberg cells in lymph nodes -Upper body tumors in young adults and adults over 60 -Extra symptoms: pruritusCharacteristics of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma-Tumors in LN all over body -Chances increases with age -Linked to chromosome translocations, viral/bacteria infections, environmental agents, immunodeficienels, and autoimmune disorders -Clonal expansion of B, T, NK cells -Changes in proto-oncogenes and tumor supressor genes contribute to cell immortalityBurkitt LymphomaMost common type of NH lymphoma in children; very fast growing tumor around jaw and facial bonesCause of Burkitt lymphoma-EBV ins nasopharyngeal secretion -Abnormal b Lymph productionTx of Burkitt LymphomaRituximab with chemotherapyMultiple MyelomaMalignancy of plasma B cells in bone marrowT/F: Multiple Myeloma is more common in men, people of african-caribbean descent, and the median age is around 70TrueCause of Multiple MyelomaAbnormal abs produced by myeloma cells (M Protein)Myeloma cells secrete mediators that stimulate osteoclasts resulting in...Bone loss and skeletal painSigns and symptoms of multiple myelomaCRAB -Elevated calcium -Renal Insufficiency -Anemia -B Lytic Bone LesionsThalidomideNewer approach to tx for multiple myeloma that inhibits DNA synthesis