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Helicaseunzips the double helixSingle stranded binding proteinskeep the two strands of DNA separatePrimaseMakes the primersDNA polymerase IIIadds nucleotides in a 5' to 3' directionDNA polymerase Iremoves primersLigasejoins Okazaki fragments (like glue)Griffithdiscovered bacterial transformationHershey and ChaseDNA is the genetic materialChargaffA-T; C-GFranklinX-Ray picture of DNAWatson and CrickDouble helixpoint mutationchanges one base pair of a genemutationschanges in the genetic materialSubstitutionChange one base to anotherinsertions and deletionsLeads to a frame shift mutationBeadle and Tatumone gene; one enzymeX^H X^hFemale carrier for hemophiliaX^h X^hfemale with hemophiliaX^H X^Hnormal femaleX^h YMale with hemophiliaX^H Ynormal male