Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

CRPS is Fluid and Stress: Calm, Reflection, Progressive Stimulation, Fluidotherapy, Stress Loading
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TREATMENT: Main goals: repair the.... -To accomplish this we'll help the brain...-Broken relationship between the pain centers of the brain and affected body part. -Calm down, decrease perceived threat, and desensitize the area as much as possibleThe mnemonic for CRPS: CRPS:C-calm R-reflection P-progressive / S-stimulation fluid and stressCALMPurpose: calm CNS activity Deep breathing Mindfulness/relaxation techniques Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)ReflectionAddressing the threat level. Purpose: lower perceived threat level Mirror therapy: Touching or moving the unaffected side while looking at its reflection, critical that client attempts to perceive reflection as their actual body partPROGRESSIVE STIMULATIONdesensitization: textures, vibration, etc. start near the painful area and work into it SHOULD NOT BE PAINFUL Building tolerance, not enduring painFluid- FluidotherapyFluidotherapy is the primary modality used with CRPS, it reduces pain and swelling Tactile element of fluidotherapy is useful for desensitizationStress- Stress loadingStress loading is similar to isometric exercises and weight bearing pushing and pulling forces on the arm with minimal movement of the joints Examples: "Scrubbing" tasks: washing a car, table, wall "Carrying" tasks: holding a weight or bagCRPS is FLUID and STRESS Calm, reflective, progressive stimulation fluidotherapy stress loading