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T'as un problème?

Got a problem?

J'y crois pas!

I can't believe it.

C'est quoi, ton probleme?

What exactly is your problem?

Un richard.

Loaded geezer, very wealthy man.

Un aristo.

An aristocrat or 'toff'.

Un clodo.

A tramp.

La flotte.


Je suis fait!

I'm drunk.

Un demi.

Half pint of beer.

Ma reum.

My mom.

J'habite chez ma reum.

I live with my mom.

J'ai la dalle.

I'm really hungry.

On va grailler.

We're going to eat.

Super bon.

Super good.

Ma soeur.

My sister.

Ca demenage!

It moves!

Ca pulse.

It's pumping.

C'est de la daube.

It's rubbish.

C'est top.

Something is great.

J'ai super la peche.

I feel really good.

J'ai grave les nerfs.

I'm getting angry.

Un coco.

A Communist.

On politicard.

A politician.

Facx jeton.


Un intello.

An intellectual.

Un keuf.

A policeman.

Un tabib.

A doctor.

Une meuf.

A woman.

Un gars.

A man.

Un canon.

Extremely attractive boy or girl.

Mon cousin.

My brother.

Mon frére.

My brother.

Un teuf.

A party.

On se fait un cinoche.

Fancing seeing a film.

Une soirée pyjama.

For girls staying home.

J'ai mal au bide.

I have a tummy ache.

J'ai la créve.

I have a cold.

Je vais gerber.

I'm going to be sick.


Be careful!





T'as pas dix balles?

Do you have 10 Euros?

Ca douille.

It's expensive.

C'est le coup de bambou.

Painfully expensive.

J'ai les nerfs.

I'm getting angry.

J'ai la haine.

I've got hatred.

Je suis vanné.

I'm shattered.

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