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Hiroshima Study Guide

Novel Hiroshima Study Guide
What was the date and the time of the nuclear blast over Hiroshima?
August 6th
Name the six survivors of our novel.
Miss Toshiniki Sasaki, Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura, Dr. Masakazu Fujii, Father Kleinsorge, Reverend Tanimoto, and Dr. Sasaki.
How many people were killed as a result of the bomb?
Why were the people so nervous that something was going to happen to Hiroshima?
Hiroshima had not yet been hit by air raids.
What did most people hear when the bomb went off?
How far was Mrs. Nakamura from the center of the blast?
1350 yards away
What dropped from the sky the size of marbles?
What was miraculous about the condition of Mrs. Nakamura's children?
No serious injuries
Of 150 doctors in the city, how many were now dead?
How many nurses had there been?
How many nurses were now dead or wounded?
What happened to the people who drank from the river?
They became ill and threw up
What one thing characterized the behavior of the people in the park?
What was the second natural phenomenon that occured in Asano Park?
Who was helping the lady onto the boat when her skin slipped off like a glove?
Mr. Tanimoto
The second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on what date?
August 9th
What was the translation of of the Japanese name they gave the bomb?
The original child bomb
What news does Mrs. Nakamura receive from her sister?
The war was over
What illness did many suffer from after the bomb hit?
Radiation sickness
What did the people in Asano park think was falling from the sky?
Of or pertaining to a town or city or its local government
An official who examines books, plays, news reports, motion pictures, radio and television programs, letters, cablegrams, etc., for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds
A white, lustrous, radioactive, metallic element, occurring in pitchblende, and having compounds that are used in photography and in coloring glass. The 235 isotope is used in atomic and hydrogen bombs and as a fuel in nuclear reactors.
A naturally radioactive, silvery, metallic transuranic element, occurring in uranium ores and produced artificially by neutron bombardment of uranium
What were intitial figures of the number of dead?
In actuality how many died?
How many buildings were destroyed?
How many buildings remained that did not need major repairs?
What was the heat at the center of the explosion?
6,000 *C
What was the temperature at 600 yards from the center of explosion?
1300 *C
Fifty inches of concrete would have protected the citizens from what?
Radiation sickness
What happened to Miss Sasaki?
What happened to Mrs. Nakamura?
What happened to Father Kleinsorge?
Back in the hospital
What happened to Dr.Sasaki?
Could no longer work in his previous occupation
What happened to Dr. Fujii?
Lost his hospital
What happened to Mr. Tanimoto?
Lost energy and church
What was the translation of "Shikata ga nai"?
It can't be helped, oh well, too bad
What did Tanimoto write to the newspaper?
Never again repeat what happened
When did India have its first nuclear test?
May 18th
Where was John Hersey born?
Tientsin, China