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electronic record

data stored on electronic media that can be readily accessed or changed

image record

a digital or photographic representation of a record on any medium such as microfilm or optical disk

optical media

a high-density information storage medium where digitally encoded information is both written and read by means of a laser

RAID (redundant array of independent disks

a computer containing many hard disk drives that send data to a computer over parallel paths

flash drive

a read/write external storage device that attaches to a computer via a USB port and consists of a small printed circuit board encased in a hard plastic covering

data warehouse

a collection of data designed to support management decision-making

media compatibility

how well the media and the equipment needed to access information stored on the media work together

media stability

the time the media will maintain its original quality so that it can continue to be used


the process of moving data from one electronic system to another, usually in upgrading hardware and software, without having to undergo a major conversion or re-inputting data


data about data, such as that which describes how, when, and by whom a particular set of data was collected and formatted


a combination hardware and software buffer that many organizations place between their internal network and the internet to protect the internal network from outside intrusion


the process of converting meaningful information into a numeric code that is only understood by the intended recipient of the information


the collective term for all microimages such as microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, or microfilm jackets


the technology by which recorded information can be reduced to a microform, stored, and retrieved for reference and use


a measure of the sharpness or fine detail of an image


the degree of optical opacity of material that determines the amount of light that will pass through it or reflect from it

reduction ratio

the relationship between the dimensions of the original or master and the corresponding dimensions of the photographed image

magnification ratio

the relationship between the size of an image and the original record when viewed on a microfilm reader screen

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