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This deck highlights multiple standard vocabulary activities from various sources (e.g. Vocabutoons, The Reading/Writing Connection, Robert Marzano's Six Steps, TALA, Vocabulary Unplugged, Teaching Academic Vocabulary) and how they can be transformed using an iDevice.
Frayer Model: vocabulary word separated into four quadrants definition in your own words, facts/characteristics, examples, and nonexamples
iBrainstorm, iCard Sort, Popplet Lite, Neu.annotate PDF (use in conjunction with Holt Graphic Organizers online - see techchef4u blog for instructions)
Vocabulary Story: choose a vocabulary word and then write the vocabulary word in a sentence and/or illustrate it
Story Lines, Popplet Lite, Talking Tom & Friends (assemble each in iTunes), Puppet Pals
Robert Marzano's Six Steps: students restate vocabulary term in their own words, create a non-linguistic representation (draw a pic), add to knowledge of new word (make personal or global connections), speak with others about the word, play with words (find root word, origin of word, add prefixes or suffixes)
iBrainstorm, Doodle Buddy, Popplet Lite
Word Analysis Chart: column headers would be word, no prefix and root words, prefix and root word, prefix + root = meaning, and prefix + root ? meaning (or a variation of these) - perfect for studying Greek & Latin roots
The table itself could be created in 123 Charts or Google Docs. Students could use ABC Magnetic Lite (change the color of each prefix and root) to practice making the words
Word Connections: students illustrate and justify how a given word would/could be connected to a weather, color, season, and a song.
Popplet Lite, iBrainstorm, iCard Sort, Stickyboard
Portable Word Wall:
This could be easily achieved in two ways:
Teachers could create a deck (or multiple decks) for their students in Quizlet and have students import it into Flashcards* app... OR Students could create their own growing deck in the app itself. (see techchef4u for specific instructions)
Literature Circles:
Students could use iCardSort or Flashcards* for recording. Consider using Sock Puppets or Puppet Pals to create character interviews.
Vocab-O-Gram: students use given vocabulary words to make predictions (setting, characters, conflict, plot, resolution, questions, mystery words) about a reading selection. Students could be provided a word bank.
This could be easily achieved with iCardSort (use in conjunction with Holt Graphic Organizers online - see techchef4u blog for instructions)