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  1. John Ireland
  2. Hennepin
  3. Benedict XV
  4. Jerome
  5. Holy Roman Empire
  1. a Founded St. Thomas College and built both the Cathedral of St. Paul and the Basilica of St. Mary
  2. b Exhausted the Vatican's resources granting aid to the victims of the war, during WWI
  3. c named St. Anthony Falls and ministered to many Native americans and settlers
  4. d the translation of the Bible into Latin was the greatest enduring contribution of ______.
  5. e The pope's crowning Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans signaled the beginning of what?

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  1. Early apologist and martyr
  2. community of ___________ God's people gathered together to follow in the footsteps of Jesus
  3. St. __________ is known as the father of Western monasticism.
  4. The messenger that proclaims the word of God to the world
  5. began a religious congregation that served the poor and needy by working with them where they lived

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  1. Bishop Joseph CretinFirst but not only Christian martyr


  2. AugustineHis works "the confessions" and "The city of God" conversions from sinner to saint, great contibutions to Christian theology


  3. PeterHe is considered to be the first pope


  4. ReconciliationAn apostate's performance of public penance and participation in a rite of re-entry into the church was the roots of


  5. House churchesearly Christians met here to celebrate the Eucharist