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  1. Monasteries
  2. God
  3. Rationalism
  4. Hermits
  5. Church
  1. a After Vatican II, the ______ affirmed that we are all connected and that we should be in solidarity with one another.
  2. b They attempted to follow Jesus by seeking the solitude of the wilderness
  3. c The Nicene Creed states that Jesus is one with _____
  4. d Philosophy holding that the universe is regulated by natural laws explainable by science
  5. e the centers of stability, scholarship and learning during the upheaval in the West, which led into the Middle Ages were

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  1. His works "the confessions" and "The city of God" conversions from sinner to saint, great contibutions to Christian theology
  2. Exhausted the Vatican's resources granting aid to the victims of the war, during WWI
  3. Focus is on serving God's people and working for justice in the world.
  4. Luther questioned the authority of the ____.
  5. After he became a bishop, he returned to Ireland to preach the Good News through establishment of monasteries

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  1. Leo IBefore Vatican II, most of teh mass was still in ______ and the congregation didn't participate much


  2. GnosticsDenied Jesus' humanity because they believed that the body is evil


  3. Heresya belief that is contrary to an essential belief of Christianity is a


  4. CatholicsThe attempts of the Council of Trent to bring Protestants and _________ together failed


  5. Cyril and MethodiusThe missionaries ________ and _______ eventually converted the Slavic people to Christianity when they translated the Gospels into the Slavic languages