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  1. Angels
  2. seven
  3. Way
  4. Sacrifices
  5. Sacrament
  1. a The Sisters later founded the Academy of Holy _______.
  2. b Christians were regarded as disloyal citizens because of their refusal to offer ______ to Roman gods or emperors
  3. c Visible, tangible signs of God's love in the world
  4. d At first, the community of disciples was called the _____
  5. e during the council of trent, the number of sacraments was finally set at ___

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  1. The Nicene Creed states that Jesus is one with _____
  2. began a religious congregation that served the poor and needy by working with them where they lived
  3. Catholic ________ an organization that serves the poor and underprivileged, grew into a large necessity and force in the Catholic church.
  4. St. __________ is known as the father of Western monasticism.
  5. followers associated most closely with Jesus

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  1. Anglicansdo not accept the authority of the pope.


  2. Bishop Joseph CretinFather ________ was the first priest to come to Minnesota


  3. St. PaulThis office rose in stature under Pope Leo I


  4. Ambroseprobable place of Peter's and Paul's martyrdoms


  5. CatechismThis is a book of the teachings of the Catholic church


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