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  1. Sacrament
  2. Constantine
  3. Hennepin
  4. Ambrose
  5. Anglicans
  1. a Visible, tangible signs of God's love in the world
  2. b named St. Anthony Falls and ministered to many Native americans and settlers
  3. c do not accept the authority of the pope.
  4. d was chosen as bishop by the people before even being baptized
  5. e First Christian Emperor, made Christianity legal, used the sign of Christ on his soldier's shields

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  1. Did revolutionary work of teaching the children of the poor
  2. He lowered the age of First Communion
  3. One of the greatest figures in the history of teh diocese is __________
  4. The pope's crowning Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans signaled the beginning of what?
  5. Luther's letter that responded to the ________ of indulgences was known as the 95 theses.

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  1. Ecumenical Second Vatican CouncilThe missionaries ________ and _______ eventually converted the Slavic people to Christianity when they translated the Gospels into the Slavic languages


  2. LutherHis actions began the Protestant Reformation


  3. Popeprobable place of Peter's and Paul's martyrdoms


  4. HennepinFather ________ was the first priest to come to Minnesota


  5. RationalismEconomic theory that land, factories, and mines are privately owned for profit; (Karl Marx opposed this theory)