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  1. God
  2. Gentiles
  3. Hierarchy
  4. Stephen
  5. Theodosius
  1. a Emperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire; persecuted Pagans
  2. b The Nicene Creed states that Jesus is one with _____
  3. c Before Vatican II, most of the authority in the church was held by _________.
  4. d Non-Jews
  5. e First but not only Christian martyr

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  1. Exhausted the Vatican's resources granting aid to the victims of the war, during WWI
  2. Luther's letter that responded to the ________ of indulgences was known as the 95 theses.
  3. was chosen as bishop by the people before even being baptized
  4. the translation of the Bible into Latin was the greatest enduring contribution of ______.
  5. After he became a bishop, he returned to Ireland to preach the Good News through establishment of monasteries

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  1. LutherHe was a Priest, monk, and scholar


  2. LawAt first, the community of disciples was called the _____


  3. HennepinSt. __________ is known as the father of Western monasticism.


  4. BirthdayFor Chirstians, Pentecost is often called the _____ of the Church


  5. Printing presscommunity of ___________ God's people gathered together to follow in the footsteps of Jesus