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  1. Hierarchy
  2. Anglicans
  3. Darwinism
  4. Industrial Revolution
  5. Capitalism
  1. a Economic theory that land, factories, and mines are privately owned for profit; (Karl Marx opposed this theory)
  2. b The ____________ brought with it a massive migration of rural people into cities, the exploitation of workers, and an explosive increase in manufacturing and trade
  3. c Before Vatican II, most of the authority in the church was held by _________.
  4. d Movement that held to the theory of evolution
  5. e do not accept the authority of the pope.

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  1. the translation of the Bible into Latin was the greatest enduring contribution of ______.
  2. Before Vatican II, most of teh mass was still in ______ and the congregation didn't participate much
  3. They attempted to follow Jesus by seeking the solitude of the wilderness
  4. Founded St. Thomas College and built both the Cathedral of St. Paul and the Basilica of St. Mary
  5. An apostate's performance of public penance and participation in a rite of re-entry into the church was the roots of

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  1. AngelsThe Sisters later founded the Academy of Holy _______.


  2. Stephenduring the council of trent, the number of sacraments was finally set at ___


  3. Gregory the GreatThe Liturgy changed to include more lay participation because we are all part of the __________.


  4. Ambrosewas chosen as bishop by the people before even being baptized


  5. CatechismMovement that held to the theory of evolution