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  1. Apostles
  2. Cyril and Methodius
  3. Gregory
  4. Reconciliation
  5. seven
  1. a during the council of trent, the number of sacraments was finally set at ___
  2. b The missionaries ________ and _______ eventually converted the Slavic people to Christianity when they translated the Gospels into the Slavic languages
  3. c Is credited with gathering and establishing the liturgical music tradition of the Western church.
  4. d An apostate's performance of public penance and participation in a rite of re-entry into the church was the roots of
  5. e followers associated most closely with Jesus

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  1. After __________, the church has been very active with movements outside of Catholicism in the modern world
  2. Exclusion of religious meaning or considerations for the affairs of human life
  3. Focus is on serving God's people and working for justice in the world.
  4. Christians were regarded as disloyal citizens because of their refusal to offer ______ to Roman gods or emperors
  5. named St. Anthony Falls and ministered to many Native americans and settlers

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  1. Karl MarxEconomic theory that proposes production be contolled by the state, first proposed by _______


  2. TheodosiusEmperor who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire; persecuted Pagans


  3. Gregory the GreatThe Gregorian Chant was created by


  4. John IrelandAt the time Vatican II was called, the standards for the Liturgy had not changed since the Council of _______.


  5. LatinEarly apologist and martyr