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  1. Sacrament
  2. Sacrifices
  3. Disciples
  4. Cyril and Methodius
  5. John Baptist de La Salle
  1. a The missionaries ________ and _______ eventually converted the Slavic people to Christianity when they translated the Gospels into the Slavic languages
  2. b Did revolutionary work of teaching the children of the poor
  3. c community of ___________ God's people gathered together to follow in the footsteps of Jesus
  4. d Christians were regarded as disloyal citizens because of their refusal to offer ______ to Roman gods or emperors
  5. e Visible, tangible signs of God's love in the world

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  1. People who renounced their faith
  2. Father ________ was the first priest to come to Minnesota
  3. Focus is on serving God's people and working for justice in the world.
  4. The Gregorian Chant was created by
  5. They attempted to follow Jesus by seeking the solitude of the wilderness

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  1. Jesus ChristThe essential criterion for Christians was and is belief in _____.


  2. John IrelandThe messenger that proclaims the word of God to the world


  3. John Irelandnamed St. Anthony Falls and ministered to many Native americans and settlers


  4. JustinEarly apologist and martyr


  5. WayHe wrote letters in response to specific concerns in specific communities.