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  1. Printing press
  2. Luther
  3. Birthday
  4. Jerome
  5. Benedict XV
  1. a Exhausted the Vatican's resources granting aid to the victims of the war, during WWI
  2. b What did John Gutenberg invent?
  3. c the translation of the Bible into Latin was the greatest enduring contribution of ______.
  4. d His actions began the Protestant Reformation
  5. e For Chirstians, Pentecost is often called the _____ of the Church

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  1. a belief that is contrary to an essential belief of Christianity is a
  2. People who renounced their faith
  3. One of the greatest figures in the history of teh diocese is __________
  4. At first, the community of disciples was called the _____
  5. Early apologist and martyr

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  1. PatrickThis office rose in stature under Pope Leo I


  2. DarwinismPhilosophy holding that the universe is regulated by natural laws explainable by science


  3. Vincent DePaulbegan a religious congregation that served the poor and needy by working with them where they lived


  4. SecularismVisible, tangible signs of God's love in the world


  5. AmbroseThe Sisters later founded the Academy of Holy _______.