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Delta 9 THC

chemical in marijuana that produces the high


THC levels in 1960


THC levels in 1970


THC levels in 1980

17 - 22%

THC levels today (2009)


cancer causing chemicals in marijuana (depending on fertilizer - could be 110)


marijuana is fat soluble - takes 6 months to remove from body, physical withdrawal is common as it leaves the body at a slow rate

gateway drug

called this because 90% of people that try it go on to harder drug

3 years

on average the first time a student gets caught smoking marijuana they have been using it for

improve diet, reduce vomiting for the first three months

aid medically because marijuana helps to


disease of the eyes in which the pressure of the fluid in the eyes increase. eyes begin to swell and fluid begins to crystallize cutting off the optic nerve and blood vessels that nourish the eye

immune system, brain and reproduction

three parts of the body very effected by marijuana

t cells

immune system - the THC slowly covers the _______, preventing them from destroying cancer

short term memory

brain - marijuana blocks out __________ making it very difficult to recall information.

futuristic memory

brain - ____________ is canceled out no goals or motivation (suicide)


reproduction - protected by fatty tissue cells. The THC damages the production of these. If these damaged eggs are released, the child will develop multiple complications like behavior problems, hyperactivity, verbal and reasoning skill problems.


is decreased in males with marijuana use, can cause impotence

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