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ACT has...

wrong answers that look right

act is


some answers

sound too nice


right looking answers are wrong

your act score increases when

you can not only realize right but wrong answers

wrong answers are called


if you're wise

distracters are quickly eliminated


misdirect thinking

distracters try to

break your concentration

distracter 1

deceptive answers

deceptive answers

authors words are distorted

get wise

use poe


process of elimination

act reading score

will raise if you can spot right and wrong answers

wrong answers are called


distracters is

the perfect name

they are there to

distract you

dont let

deceptive answers snare you

dont be fooled

by answer choices that misuse words and phrases from the passage



each passage

is followed by five statements

three of the five are

deceptive answer distracters

for each passage

decide which three statements are deceptive answers which two are not


what the author says

look for

deceptive answers

look also for

the switch


look for

answer choices that sound too nice

also look for


distortions are often words in the passage that are used out of context


half and half

beware of answer choices that are

half good, half bad

if an answer is half bad

it's all wrong

distractor 2


eliminate the...


the switch

look our for changes in the wording in the answer choices

also the switch

is a 'flip' in the meaning of the sentence

sometimes the switch involves a

sneaky word substitution

sometimes the switch gives you a

simple shortcut to the right answer

distracter 3


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