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West African Empires Ch.5 Personal Review

What did West AFricans feel the most loyalty
Kinship groups and clans
West african villages what did most people lives center on
Farming and their families (mainly farming)
Results of trade in africa
Got salt religion and written language taxes wealth power and were lead by kings
Who developed timbuktu as center of trade
What did Mansa Musa bring back from his pilgrimage
Architect and arab scholars
According to many west african societies what are the roles of kinship groups
Accomplishment of Sundiata
Greatly expanded the empire and captured Ghana
How did people react to the beliefs of Islam
Kings and upper class converted partially to islam and common people kept their traditional beliefs
What Lead to the rise of kings
WHen people took control of the trading systems
What skills would a griot need
Memorization and Observation and listening
What religions did kings follow
Traditional and islamic