History Questions (The Labor Movment)

What problems do workers face during this time period?
long hours, low pay, no benefits, child labor, dangerous conditions, loss of identity
Homestead Strike
part of an epidemic of steelworkers' and miners' strikes that took place as economic depression spread across America. in each case, troops & locals militia were called in to suppress the unrest.
Haymarket Affair
When protesters gathered at Hay Market Square in Chicago May 4th. Dozens of people were killed.
AF of L
(American Federation of Labor) created by Samuel Gompers. it was a craft union which had loose organization of skilled workers. focused on very specific workers issues such as wages, working hours, & conditions.
Knights of Labor
labor union formed by Uriah Smith Stephens. includes all workers of any trade, skilled or unskilled. actively recruited African Americans. functioned largely as a secret society, devoted to broad social reform. Terence V. Powderly took leadership responsibilities.
Why did many Americans oppose the development of labor unions?