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11 rationalismbelief that opinions and actions should be based on reasoning instead of religion12 heliocentric theoryargues that the sun is the center of our solar system13 inductive reasoningmethod of reasoning from particular to general14 scientific methodmethod of procedure in which natural science is characterized15 natural rightsfundamental human rights based on natural law16 separation of powersan act of bestowing legislative, judicial, and executive power into separate bodies of gov.17 social contractan agreement between members of society to cooperate for social benefits18 toleranceability willingness to tolerate something19 feminismadvocacy of women's right to political, social, and economic equality to menWhat was the RenaissanceA time of cultural advance after the middle ages and decline of the feudalism. Great advance in technology.When was the Renaissance1300's to 1500'sWhere did the Renaissance start?ItalyWhy did it start there?Feudalism did not develop in Italy. They also became a great trade country with great commercial growth.What two ports were vital in jump starting the Renaissance? and why?Naples And Florence. Caused people to move away from manors and Ideas where shared through tradeDuring the Middle Ages life revolved around what?The church and manorWhat happened to feudalism and manoralism during the Renaissance?It declined and eventually became non existentWhat two things caused people to move away from the manor?people work in factories and people moved away from the manor.What is a factory and why did they start to appear during the Renaissance?a factory is where they produced product. factories where needed to mass produce goods.why did peasants move from the manorthey could go to factories and make money and start there own life.why did nobles (kings, lords, vassals) move away from the manornobles went to the town for economic reasons.they saw a chance to make money off owning land and public office.What happened to the Churches power during the Renaissance and how did that change Europe?learning turned away from the church to the government so people had new ideas.What did the trade and commerce in the important ports of the Renaissance promote?helped new ideas spread and increased commerce.What did the Muslim world contribute to the Renaissance?science math and Greek and roman scholarshipsWhat and who is a patron?a person who gives supports to a person or groupWhat two groups competed for power in the new Renaissance Europe?Merchants and lordsHow did Merchants and lords compete for power?They were both wealthy and they competed for political positions and power.How did did the wealthy being patrons effect the Renaissance?Increased interest in the artsWhere was the major artistic center of the Renaissance?Florencewhy was Florence the artistic center of the renaissanceBanking encouraged other arts to form.What else was the major artistic center of the Renaissance known for?They were Known for their bankingWhat family controlled Banking?MediciWhat profession was highly sought after in the artistic center of the Renaissance?Artists were in high demand by patrons .During the Renaissance scholars considered Greek and Roman history what?a foundation of new learningWhat 3 new viewpoints of learning did the Renaissance start?humanism secularism and individualismWhat is a cultural movement based on the study of classical works?The renaissanceWhat 2 cultures did Renaissance people want to study the most?greek and romanWhat did Middle Ages thinkers focus on?How to survivewhat did Renaissance thinkers focus on?Being creativeThe view that the Church need not be the center of life is called?secularismsecularism focus was to?the government and enjoying lifeMachiavelli wrote what book?The princeWhat was The Prince about?how leaders get power and keep itIn his book he asked "the question is it better to be loved or feared leader?" What did he mean?The leader can either lead by fear or lead by loving. He was asking what would be more effective.What does individualism mean?The belief that an individual is more important than a community.How was individualism different from Medieval times?Medieval revolved around community.How did individualism change artist and people looked at their work and their outlook on life?artists were freed to unleash their imaginationWhat major things did the people of Europe learn to do more?be creativeIn the Renaissance people began speaking what new languages in Europe?vernacularWhat language did they go away from speaking?Italian and frenchWhat did these new languages help do?They helped children to read and writeHow did the Renaissance period change the calendar?they fixed the problems in the old calenderWhat was the calendar used before the Renaissance?Julian calendarWhat was the calendar used during and after the Renaissance?the Gregorian calendarThe focus of art before the Renaissance was on what?religionThe focus of art after the Renaissance was on what?worldly concernsThe Last SupperWhat is the attached Renaissance art called?The Mona LisaWhat is the attached Renaissance art called?The DavidWhat is the attached Renaissance art called?The Sistine chapelWhat is the attached Renaissance art called?The printing pressWhat the attached picture showing?Who was William Shakespeare?William Shakespeare was a famous playwrightName 2 accomplishments of William Shakespeareromeo and Juliet and hamletHow did new ways of printing help the Bible?it helped translate the bible and make more of themWhat is a satire?a work of literature that makes fun of its subjectWhat does censor mean?to remove something from say a newspaper or to prevent something from being publishedWhat is a sonnet?a 14 lined poem that has a rhyme or rhythmWhat is a separation of powersex government the three branches so not one group or person has to much powerWhat is a utopiaan ideal place to liveWho wrote "The Prince"michlavichywhat was The Prince about?it was about how rulers got their power kept their power and how they lost their powerWhat two ports were vital in jumpstarting the RenaissanceVenice and GenoaWhen was the Renaissance1300-1500Who were the Medicithe Medici family was a family of bankerswhat did the Medici do that was important to the Renaissancethey were patronsWhat is a patrona patron is someone who gives money and or commissions an architect or artist to paint or build somethingwhat is humanismpeople looked back at the roman and Greek time periods for knowledgewhere did people look to in humanismRome and Greecewhat is secularismbeliefs not about the churchwhere is secularism mainly locatedGovernmentGive an example of secularismex. a normal college would be a secular college, a college based on the church would be a non-secular collegewhat is individualismwhere life is balanced between church and meWhat 2 cultures did Renaissance people want to study the most?greek and romanWhat city was did the Renaissance begin inItalywhy did the renaissance begin thereit began there because feudalism did not develop therewhen did feudalism and moralism declinethe renaissancedid power in the church decline during renaissanceyesin the renaissance the money system went from what to whatbarter to moneywhat happened to the manors in the renaissancethey disappearedwhy did manors disappear in the renaissancethe peasants went to the factorieswhy did the peasants go to the factoriesthey would get paid and the factorieslearning was based on whatthe churchwhat did universities (in European cities) do to learningnothingwhat was the most important coursetheologywhat happened to secular subjectsinterest grew in themabout how many different trends blended to make renaissance1300renaissance was the cultural revival in Europe when1300-1500renaissance was French for whatrebirthrenaissance thinkers rediscovered whatsubjects of ancient Greece/Romewhat was the relationship between Italy and feudalismfeudalism never completely developed thereItaly was the birthplace of whatrenaissancein the 1300's Italy is in whatcity statesthe city states were cross roads between what and whatnorthern Europe and the middle east/ Africawho made Italian peninsula trading centerMerchantshow did merchants make Italian peninsula trading centerby traveling land and seawhat did the growth of trade in Italy domake a free flow of ideastrade gave Italy access to the Muslim knowledge of whatscience, math, Greek and roman scholarshipsin Italy who fought for poweraristocrats and merchants/bankersnewly rich gained power by doing whatbecoming patronsnobles and ____ use money to support ____and them selvesmerchants, artistsother merchants awarded architects whatjobsports in Venice made it very whatpowerfulFlorence was the center of whatrenaissanceFlorence was also a major whattrading portFlorence was a ___ centercommerceFlorence also had much _____ activitybankingmedici where famous ____/____ familybanking/patronmerchants involved themselves in _____ groupscivicwhat does civic meanrelating to citizenshipMoorish scholarwhat is the attached picturewhat did Moorish scholars dothey contributed advances in learning, philosophy, science and agricultureLeonardo da Vinciwho is the painter of the following pictureLeonardo da Vinciwho painted the following pictureLeonardo da Vinciwho is related to the following picturehow did the printing press helpit helped print new writingswhat helped translate the bibleprinting presswhat helped read and interpret new writingsprinting presswhat helped the ability to manufacture paperprinting pressWilliam Shakespearewho is this a picture ofrenaissance engineeringwhat is this an example ofwho was Johann Gutenbergthe guy that invented the printing presswho wrote MacbethWilliam Shakespearewho wrote hamletWilliam Shakespearewho wrote Romeo and JulietWilliam Shakespearewho was known as the renaissance manLeonardo da Vincigive an example of architecture in the renaissancethe Sistine chapelwhat is hamlet an example ofliterature in the renaissancegive one example of literature in the renaissanceRomeo and Julietwhat is the printing press an example of in the renaissancesciencename one example of artthe Mona Lisawho made the DavidMichelangelo

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