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political efficacy

belief that citizens can make a difference in politics by expressing an opinion or acting politically


how ppl learn political beliefs (through families, schools, communities, religious institutions etc)

political efficacy

belief that the citizen can make a difference in politics by expressing an opinion or acting politically

sampling error

problem with opinion polls: chance variaiton that occurs as result of using representative, but small sample to estimate characteristics of a larger population

selection bias

distortion caused when a sampling methis systematically includes or excludes people with certain attitudes from the sample

focus groups

small groups of ppl brought together to talk about issues or candidates: too small to provide estimates of public opinion, but useful for testing appeal of ads, terms, slogans etc.

measurement error

error that arises from attempting to measure something as subjective as opinion

Roe v. Wade

legalized abortion

planned parenthood v. casey

legalized abortion

information cost

time and mental effort requird to absorb and store information, whether from conversations, personal experiences, or media

issue public

group of people particularly affected by or concerned with a specific issue

political elites

people deeply involved in politics, have well-structured ideologies that bind together their positions on different policy issues

mass public

ordinary people for whom politics is not very important

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