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person suspected of a crime is taken into custody

arrest warrant

court order commanding that the person named in it taken into custody

probable cause

arrest means having reasonable belief that a specific person has committed a crime

What is a drug courier profile? Why do some feel it's unfair?

help establish probable cause for arrest. its unfair to use typical age, race, personal appearance, behavior and mannerisms.


confirm the informants tip with information

A police officer can stop an individual on the street based on _____________ and do a limited pat-down called __________.

reasonable suspicion; stop and frisk.

When can a police officer use "deadly force"?

necessary to prevent escape, poses a significant, threat of death or serious physical harm

Describe the balance between an individual's privacy and government's rights to search and seizure

People can't just go through your stuff without a search warrant

exclusionary rule

not mean that the defendant cannot be tried or convicted, but evidence seized in an unlawful search can't be used in trial


sworn statement of facts and circumstances

What is a search warrant?

court order that states specific place to be searched and the particular items to be seized

searches without warrants can be made when:

-search in a lawful arrest
-stop and frisk
-borders and airports
-vehicle searches
-plain view
-hot pursuit
-emergency situations

When and where are suspicion-less searches usually conducted?

Border search, highway sobriety checkpoints, drug/alcohol tests.

racial profiling

inappropriate use of race as a factor in identifying people who may have broken the law.


question an accused person

How does the Constitution protect people from self-incrimination?

they have the right to remain silent

What happened as a result of the Miranda vs. Arizonia?

Police are required to inform people taken into custody of their rights

custodial interrogation

the person is in custody and is being interrogated by the police

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