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A form of government in which power is held by one central authority.


Voluntary associations of independent states that agree to certain limitations to work together.


A form government in which power is divided between one central government and state and local government.


A system of government having real executive power empowered in a cabinet composed of members of the legislature.


A government in which one person possesses unlimited power and the citizen has little if any role in government.


government by the few, sometimes a government in which a small group excersises control- especially for corrupt and selfish purposes- the citizen has a very limited one.


a gov. in which the people have the power and the power is excersised through representation by periodically free elections-the citizen is very involved


a system of government in which the president is elected seperatley from the legislature.


a political system in which the government is controlled by the clergy and the rules of law are religous and thought to be divine.



Constitutional Monarchy

a political system in which the power of the monarch is limited by the constitution and shared w/ elected leaders.


constitutional monarchy

absolute monarchy

a political system in which the state is ruled entirely by a monarch

Saudi Arabia

Absolute Monarchy


A political system in which one leader holds controlling power over a counry


composed of one body or chamber


composed of two bodies or chambers


Islamic Law

Chief of State

largely ceremonial, little if any political power

Head of State

Head of the gov. has political power


theocracy, oligarchy, supreme leader, president, 18 and over can vote, executions increased


parliamentary democracy, federal democratic, president, unicameral knesset (120) , 18 and over may vote, citizens are free

Saudi Arabia

absolute monarchy, sharia - islamic law, unitary autocratic, king, unicameral 150, men 21 over may vore, cant criticize gov., arbitary arrest

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