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language was spoken in the Piedmont Region between the fall line and the Blue Ridge Mountains


language that was spoken by the tribes in Southwestern Va and in Southern Virginia near the border of North Carolina


Language that was spoken in the coastal plain area of virginia


tribe that lived in the Piedmont region of Virginia and spoke the Siouan Language


Tribe that lived in the southwest, Virginia and spoke the Iroquoian Language


Tribe that lived in the Coastal Plain Region of Va and spoke the Algonquian

Cherokee, Monacan and Powhatan

The three indian tribes of Virginia

Iroquoian, Siouan and Algonquian

The three languages of Virginian Indian

Southwest Virginia, Piedmont and Coastal Plains

Area where the three tribes lived in Virginia

Native Americans

The first people to live in Virginia

Christopher Columbus

Who called the people in the lands he discovered, "Indians" because he thought he had reached the Indies (near China)


How many American Indian language groups were in Virginia

Eastern Woodland Indians

Because the environment they lived in had dence(very thick) forest, Virginia's Indians were know as...


Archaeologists study objects from the


objects that have been found from long ago. Examples inclulde arrowheads,pottery and bottles that Zach found.


their language was Algonquian and they lived in the Coastal Plain (Tidewater).


their language was Siouan and they lived in the Piedmont region.


their language was Iroquoian and they lived in the Southwestern Virginia and Southern Virginia near North Carolina.


historical objects such as arrow heads, spears, tools and pottery made or used by humans,


made from animals skins like deerskin.


made from materials around them such as bark, tree branches, reeds


large Indian town used by Indian leaders, such as Chief Powhatan, for several hundred years before the English settlers came


Woodland Indians hunted birds and animals and lived on stored foods from the previous fall.


Woodland Indians hunted, fished and picked berries.


Woodland Indians grew crops (beans, corn, squash).


Woodland harvested crops and hunted for foods to preserve and keep for the winter.

Native peoples of the past

Fish, hunted, made hoes of natural resources, used animal skins for clothing in the winter

Native peoples today

live like other Americans.

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