AAPPL Interpersonal Listening and Speaking Cues

Turn on the audio to recognize the speech cues Rather than be able to define/translate them, learn what kind of response it's asking for and give an example Go through these with a friend filling in the prompt blanks (...) yourself. Practice how you would respond. Come up with questions for the speaker and ways to tell the speaker MORE in general. --These prompts are taken directly from the AAPPL demo test and may or may not be the exact prompts on the official Spanish ILS test.

Terms in this set (...)

tell me ("give me an account" literally; tell me a story)
tell me
¿Por qué?
Cuéntame algo que es popular
tell me something that's popular
¿Qué preguntas tienes...?
What questions do you have?
¿Qué quiere saber de...?
What do you want to know about?
¿Hay algo que quieres preguntarme sobre...?
Is there something you want to ask me about...?
Pregúntame todo lo que quieres saber de...
Ask me everything that you want to know about...
¿Qué preguntas tienes sobre mi(s)...?
What questions do you have about my...?